Vintage Skin Care: Face Masks

Sure there were popular brands of skin care products in the past, but women commonly made their own concoctions from kitchen items. Many still do, even today in a capitalistic society that provides you whatever you need whenever you may need it.  I never notice expensive face masks making a huge difference in my skin and so I prefer to just make my own from a few basic ingredients.

 Those cotton pads are just soaked in cool water, to alleviate any puffiness.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great clarifier for the hair and for the skin it increases blood flow to the capillaries delivering oxygen - remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ! It also works as a nice astringent.

Bentonite Clay is a mineral clay that comes in powder form and works the best at pulling toxins out and to the surface. Don't use it the night before a big event, but do slap a mask on when you're having a mellow pampering session on the weekend. I used this last weekend and I notice a few blackheads and pimples coming to the surface. I know, ick!! but it needs to come out!

Tumeric is a spice we normally only pull out for cooking but it's great at brightening the skin, lightening up dark blemishes - hello healthy glow! -  and decreasing inflammation. Careful though, it stains any and everything lighter than its color

Put 'em all together and you've got a fantastic face mask that will remove makeup debris, dead skin, and rejuvenate, clarify and brighten! Most supermarkets have these products but you can definitely find them at Whole Foods or if you're lucky, your local (read: less expensive) health food store.

Pamper yourself, lovies - you deserve it! :)

~The Retro Natural


Debbie said...

What are the ratios or measurements should each item be in order to make this mask?

Anonymous said...

Why Vintage Skincare? Um, because it is awesome. Really though, all our styles and fashions imitate the past. Apparently we think they had some pretty fab ideas back then. Hepburn, Monroes, Jackie O, Davis (Bette, that is) just to name a few we admire and adore them.

But let's look back farther into history though past the American glory days and direct our attention to the topic at hand; skincare. I take you now east, far east. Back to a time and place where people began...

What did we do before parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum? Before science labs and esteemed chemists? Why nature of course! We knew that what was meant for eating was also good for beautifying skin and hair. It was a simple time. Now a days things are much more complicated, for whatever reason. Synthetic chemicals invade our skincare and our planet and for some reason many of us stand silently by.

Well Arden & Angelina refuse to comply. Never will you be required to study chemistry to understand the ingredients. Products are handmade and poured the old fashioned way with only the finest, purest ingredients. All vegan, all natural and all green made from sunshine and rainbows. The only way to go for fresh, clean skincare.

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