Red and White and Black and Prince!

Just the colors I had on today..nothing complex or epic hehe.  This acrylic knit skirt is really cute but I could kick myself for treating it so badly...I've used it maybe twice in the past as a head wrap because I thought the skirt was a bit too long and I couldn't figure out what else to do with it at the time. I know, shame on me!  I was more into the sweater that came with it (lonnnnng sigh).  It was fitted at the waist and it had adorable knitted collar and faux pearl embellishments.  But alas, it was too, too small and I gave it away to the Goodwill.  I hung onto the skirt (thank goodness!) and now, I love this length of it - maybe 3 inches past the knee.  My apologies on not getting a full outfit shot... but I think this'll do! :)

My hair's in a large bun (got a bit lazy!) and I figured I'd incorporate a side faux bang before sealing the deal with a big bow. Simple 'do but still fun and colorful. Those are fishnets but you may not be able to tell from the photo. Fishnets = automatic femme fatale feelings, no?

Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? I do, I'm going with a few friends to see Prince tonight - the only man I'll probably ever throw my bra at on stage hahah. Anywho, I've got to dress up for Prince so expect photos - not of the show though, I'm sure they're not going to go for that!

Happy Friday everyone! 

~The Retro Natural

p.s. Just wanted to set the record straight, Blogspot was being a bit stubborn but I think all is well now. Yes!