A Farewell to Grandma

Hello all! I know you've probably been wondering where I've been.  My apologies on missing in action, I haven't felt like posting or being online commenting like I normally do for the past week since my grandmother passed on.  I don't know what happens for sure after but I'm certain that she's resting.  She went peacefully and didn't suffer and that's what tends to make me smile here and there as I'm thinking about her in my head and reminiscing about all the funny things she used to say - she was a natural comedienne!  I was spending some time with the family, mostly my mom and older sister, looking at old photos and I thought the best and most lovely way to have some closure over this is to share something sweet and at the same time retro with you all because this blog is about me and indirectly this is a part of me.

So I give you a pretty photograph of my grandma from her youth days in what I like to call her retro copacabana look.   -- Who knew grandma woulda made a great pin up? :)

I dunno if they have interwebs where you are now, but just in case they do grandma, may you continue to rest in absolute peace! :)

~ Love

Your Retro Natural Granddaughter

Vintage Skin Care: Face Masks

Sure there were popular brands of skin care products in the past, but women commonly made their own concoctions from kitchen items. Many still do, even today in a capitalistic society that provides you whatever you need whenever you may need it.  I never notice expensive face masks making a huge difference in my skin and so I prefer to just make my own from a few basic ingredients.

 Those cotton pads are just soaked in cool water, to alleviate any puffiness.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great clarifier for the hair and for the skin it increases blood flow to the capillaries delivering oxygen - remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ! It also works as a nice astringent.

Bentonite Clay is a mineral clay that comes in powder form and works the best at pulling toxins out and to the surface. Don't use it the night before a big event, but do slap a mask on when you're having a mellow pampering session on the weekend. I used this last weekend and I notice a few blackheads and pimples coming to the surface. I know, ick!! but it needs to come out!

Tumeric is a spice we normally only pull out for cooking but it's great at brightening the skin, lightening up dark blemishes - hello healthy glow! -  and decreasing inflammation. Careful though, it stains any and everything lighter than its color

Put 'em all together and you've got a fantastic face mask that will remove makeup debris, dead skin, and rejuvenate, clarify and brighten! Most supermarkets have these products but you can definitely find them at Whole Foods or if you're lucky, your local (read: less expensive) health food store.

Pamper yourself, lovies - you deserve it! :)

~The Retro Natural

DIY Retro Sweater with Appliqué

If you see a vintage sweater with appliqué decor, sometimes you'll notice that it's a bit high in price. If you're like me and can't really be bothered with spending too much on sweaters and cardigans with adorable designs, fret not my retro gal pal, you can create your own! The teal blue cardigan is Roxy by way of Buffalo Exchange and it was under $12 bucks. The flamingo patch was $2.69 with free shipping!

All you need is an iron and an iron on patch from Ebay. Check out this list of iron on appliqués.

 Borrowed my beloved's nerd glasses, they're fun but I don't know if I have the guts to wear them out.
I feel like Poindexter!

Have at it! It's fun and it takes about 5 minutes to do. If you revamp a cardigan of your own, send me a photo, I'd love to see it. :)

~The Retro Natural

Retro Gardening

A couple of weeks ago, I engaged in some random gardening after returning from someplace I can't remember.  It' tough work! It looks like fun and it can be (oh can it be fun!) but after about 20 minutes of pulling up weeds and whatnot, you're just ready to sit down and have some lemonade.  If I had planned to garden, I wouldn't have put on this outfit but it happened ...organically, if you will. Don't the best things happen organically? My hair's in a lop sided faux bang (why does it do that?!) and the rest of my hair was nicer when I first went out but after a little while, it got a bit disheveled (pic 2).

Anywho, it was bright out that day which was nice.

cardigan/Free People via Goodwill, pseudo capris/Goodwill, faux suede mary janes/Payless, gloves/Home Depot!

Catch ya on the flip side! 

~The Retro Natural

Vintage Bows and Pleats

Outfit post! Just showing the vintage threads... The skirt is from the 70s and teal blue with cute bows and other festive bits on it. I got this from Iron Orchid Vintage on Etsy.  The blouse is probably 70s too. It's really satin-esque so it comes out and spills over the skirt a bit as you can see.  The shoes aren't vintage though, got those babies from Ross. In Las Vegas. Last summer. So I don't know if I'll ever find the exact same pair but I wish I had purchased 3 pairs...so comfy, so perfect in heel height.  These are so scuffed up though, what's the best way to get rid of marks and scuffs on (faux) patent shoes? Do I have to take them to a shoe repair/shine place?

The skirt's a bit wrinkly, I'd been sitting all day, excuse the crumpled-ness.  My face? It was cut off so I figured I'd just crop it out and focus on the clothes. :)
It's warming up so that means more skirts and more sandals! Soon, I'll probably be retiring these shoes for a while.

~ The Retro Natural

Vintage Style Inspiration - Frida Kahlo

I came up with a different way to do an updo yesterday while washing my hair. I still have to perfect it so I'll show ya the back once I "get it" but for now in the front at least, I'm channeling my inner Frida today! What style! :)

Red and White and Black and Prince!

Just the colors I had on today..nothing complex or epic hehe.  This acrylic knit skirt is really cute but I could kick myself for treating it so badly...I've used it maybe twice in the past as a head wrap because I thought the skirt was a bit too long and I couldn't figure out what else to do with it at the time. I know, shame on me!  I was more into the sweater that came with it (lonnnnng sigh).  It was fitted at the waist and it had adorable knitted collar and faux pearl embellishments.  But alas, it was too, too small and I gave it away to the Goodwill.  I hung onto the skirt (thank goodness!) and now, I love this length of it - maybe 3 inches past the knee.  My apologies on not getting a full outfit shot... but I think this'll do! :)

My hair's in a large bun (got a bit lazy!) and I figured I'd incorporate a side faux bang before sealing the deal with a big bow. Simple 'do but still fun and colorful. Those are fishnets but you may not be able to tell from the photo. Fishnets = automatic femme fatale feelings, no?

Do you all have any fun plans for the weekend? I do, I'm going with a few friends to see Prince tonight - the only man I'll probably ever throw my bra at on stage hahah. Anywho, I've got to dress up for Prince so expect photos - not of the show though, I'm sure they're not going to go for that!

Happy Friday everyone! 

~The Retro Natural

p.s. Just wanted to set the record straight, Blogspot was being a bit stubborn but I think all is well now. Yes!

Taking it back to childhood with Thor

I went to see Thor in 3D over the weekend with some friends, it was decent but I don't expect that much from most movies made today because...well I just don't. Do you? I didn't think so hahahah..
I liked Thor as a kid but now that I'm an adult, I don't remember much about him..just that he had a cool helmet and a hammer. Maybe I would have been into construction worker cartoons back then as well?

Afterward, I spotted this and decided I'd get me and my friend's photo snapped. I wasn't if sure my faux bang would get in the way but it worked out alright. There were multiple cameras so of course we're looking all over the place. I made contact with the photog here though.

I kept the 3D glasses..shh!

~The Retro Natural

My Birthday Suit

(um this was suppose to post on my birthday, last Wednesday- auto post hasn't been working at all on my end. hmph!)

Yes my birthday suit. No not that one.  A vintage-inspired one, if you will!  I'm quite alright with doing a tasteful nude photo shoot but not today my dearies :P

Today marks the day I was gently placed into the world.  I'll be celebrating the entire month because I love the scenery/weather during the month of May and I love the energy of Venus.  Beautiful flowers, yes!  Rich food, absolutely!  Lounging around in vintage slips, but of course!  Just a few things that encompass the Taurus/Venusian energy :) Here's my "birthday suit"!

White cotton top/some thrift shop, belt/Goodwill, houndstooth full circle skirt/Buffalo Exchange, red/white polka dot wedges/Payless, sunglasses/flea market, bracelets/I can't remember!

I've been thoroughly enjoying my day so far and though I'm working today, I'll be off Friday to celebrate even more.  I'll show ya a few of the goodies I've received on the weekend.  Because I know you're all really sweet folks, I'm gonna thank you in advance for the well wishes :)

~The Retro Natural

The Faux Bang

My inner Bettie Page comes out whenever I wear my faux bang.  It's kinda big, kinda dramatic and perhaps a bit of an ostentatious hair style.  It's perfect to wear out on the town at night or perhaps in the sun with parasol in hand - you didn't think you were gonna wear a cute over sized straw hat with this signature style did you? Oh for shame! ;)

Side note: When my hair doesn't set properly, it just gets curly.  But instead of getting mad, I just make lemonade!  This is my bad hair day.


The not so bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Retro Natural.

I normally set my front bang area on a flexi rod roller bent in half.  I don't want a small barrel shape, I want it large and smooth so I use my oh so loved concoction of leave in conditioner and coconut oil before smoothing it out with a brush and putting on the roller.  Give it a try!


~ The Retro Natural