I'm back! + Cherries Galore!

Okay, long time no see, lovies! I've been soo busy/tired/exhausted/lazy/etc...but I think I've gotten it outta my system. I did another drag king show, photos coming soooooon and I've been working hard and resting when I'm off. Why don't we have 3 day weekends every weekend? That'd be amazing!

We'll kick off my hiatus with a post about cherries because who here hates cherries?? Not I!   This is pretty surprising because I've never had many articles of clothing or accessories with cherry prints on them but I'm slowly changing that one item at a time. Check out the cool items I've snagged somewhat recently:

Cherry print hair tie from Dolly Cool Clare...absolutely love this! It's great for a simple hair day that doesn't involve hair setting and it instantly gives ya that adorable rockabilly chick look. It's made of cotton and sewn so it lays flat and never gets all bunched up. Awesome accessory Dolly!!  :) I'm getting the leopard print one next! ..C'mon payday lol Get yours here!

Cherry print handbag...found this at a Good Will for about $4.99. I would have preferred black trim but tan will do just fine. This is smaller than the typical handbags I carry so I'll have to condense a bit!

Cherry patch black summer top...I ironed this patch on this black sleeveless top and now it's got a fun, retro feel to it. Hmmm, I think I'll do the same to a white top too! Get some patches of your own :)

Ah cherries, they seem to brighten the day a bit!

~The Retro Natural

Just a Quick Hello!

Hey folks! I hope all is well, I've been a lil busy and wanting to post  (I actually have fun stuff to post) but as you can see, it's taking a bit of time. I hope to post some fun stuffs (yes, I meant to make that plural :P) very sooooon!

Here's a decent hair day photo for the time being...it's frizzed out a bit because I'm out of my Giovanni and my coconut oil..no good for a good hair set at all! And my lipstick doesn't seem to photograph very well either..does anyone else's look odd in photos versus real life??

~The Retro Natural

Snoods - Fashionable Life Savers

I've gotten a few snoods as gifts from the beloved and they're great when I don't know what to do with my hair or when what I wanted to do can be best described as an epic fail. They always rescue me and the bonus is that they add that retro touch at the same time!

This one is black with white pearls, I haven't really worn it yet because I think it's too classy for every day/work day wear.  I mean I could but I happen to like saving things for nice occasions, maybe when we go for a nice Italian dinner somewhere!

This is a simple black snood, my everyday one I pull out when I failed to set my hair or when it came out pretty badly.. I like it a lot but I do notice that if my hair rubs against my neck while in the snood, it gets tangled a bit so I have to be a little more careful when removing it.

This is a unique one, it's yellow netting with brown fluffy bits attached.  It didn't come with an elastic band though so I think I might put one in..I like them to be effortless, that's the point 'n all, right?

So there you have it, a few snoods for a nice hair day or a completely awful, failure hair day.   I think every gal should have a couple in her arsenal.

I hope to get red, green, and royal blue next! Do you wear snoods? If so, what colors do you have?

~The Retro Natural

Natural Bloom Edition #2 & The Summer Hat Hair Pictorial

I hope I didn't come off as too much of a tease but great news, you don't have to wait any longer for the next issue of Natural Bloom e-magazine to come out, here t'is!

Enjoy the tutorial and all the other goodies!

~The Retro Natural

A Fine Hair Day

Just wanted to show ya the mop. A fine hair day was had a few days back. I'm in need of a good restocking as it pertains to hair product though. I'll share some thoughts soon on newer products I tried that were average. I'll be going back to my usual Giovanni Leave in and coconut oil. It's kinda cool to try new products but kinda not when they're so-so.

 Making its debut is my oh so loved tan polka dot sweater. There have been a few stitches that came loose in the shoulder/neck area. Keeping it on a hook rather than a hanger isn't such a good idea either but it's still a favorite. 
I'll get around to fixing it some day!