Snoods - Fashionable Life Savers

I've gotten a few snoods as gifts from the beloved and they're great when I don't know what to do with my hair or when what I wanted to do can be best described as an epic fail. They always rescue me and the bonus is that they add that retro touch at the same time!

This one is black with white pearls, I haven't really worn it yet because I think it's too classy for every day/work day wear.  I mean I could but I happen to like saving things for nice occasions, maybe when we go for a nice Italian dinner somewhere!

This is a simple black snood, my everyday one I pull out when I failed to set my hair or when it came out pretty badly.. I like it a lot but I do notice that if my hair rubs against my neck while in the snood, it gets tangled a bit so I have to be a little more careful when removing it.

This is a unique one, it's yellow netting with brown fluffy bits attached.  It didn't come with an elastic band though so I think I might put one in..I like them to be effortless, that's the point 'n all, right?

So there you have it, a few snoods for a nice hair day or a completely awful, failure hair day.   I think every gal should have a couple in her arsenal.

I hope to get red, green, and royal blue next! Do you wear snoods? If so, what colors do you have?

~The Retro Natural


Milan said...

This post was right on time. I was telling myself that this fall I want to rock snoods. Where do you find yours?

Saba said...

I too have been contemplating getting myself a snood, you've convinced me that I really do need one!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

You know, I've been thinking about getting a you do your hair underneath them, or just put them over loose hair? I'm a bit unsure!
The pearl one looks lovely by the way :)

Nefertiti said...

Love these! I'm definitely going to have to get a couple. I use a crochet beanie as a snood, now and then, but it's not nearly as cute as these are. Any tips on where to find snoods?

The Retro Natural said...

@ Milan and Nefertiti, I got these from Meow, a vintage store here in Long Beach but they're on Etsy and Ebay (you can get a lot of about 5 or so for a good price on Ebay) :)

@ Dolly Cool, thanks! I normally try to put them on over set hair because otherwise, the poofiness just takes over and it doesn't fall correctly lol but if your hair is more fine/straight you should be fine to put on loose hair. I think they look nicer when your hair has a bit of bounce and curl to it though :D

@ Lucy Mae, you would look great in a snood, I hope ya get one soon!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Thanks! I think I will get one and investigate.... :)

Ohima said...

I love this look I might try it I am only at chin lenght hope i can pull it off like you!!! :) you look amazing!!!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Ohima, thank you! I think you can still work a snood with chin length hair. it may hang a bit more but you can always bobby pin it if you don't like how low it hangs! :)