More Sewing with Houndstooth + My Romper!

Hello there, lovelies!

I've been at it again, having some splendid fun sewing!

I revamped a sweater u got that was a but too big. 
It's Summer so I figured why bother with long sleeves? Off they came!

    I added a fee darts which wasn't hard at all and then sewed the sides.

There was some puckering near the shoulders so I added in something that was a combination of a dart and pleat... or maybe I just made something up altogether, I really don't know lol. But I'm pleased with the end result. I've worn it out twice and it's comfy and perfect for a warm evening! The cherry on top was the
 bow I made from scraps. Go Go Gadget Retro!!

Once again, sewing is officially my favorite hobby! I'd like to get into latex clothing in the future, I love shiny materials! ;)

Oh and I finished that romper, here's me modeling my own creation. I had soooo little fabric, I wasn't sure I'd be able to actually pull it off..but it was successful...though I did scorch the pattern a tiny bit with an iron!

Til next time!

The Retro Natural