Next Stop: Relaxation!

Howdy retro lovers!

I'm due for a post and I'm also due for some relaxation so how about a combination??  I'm going camping soon and I'm so excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I'll be listening to the radio station that is nature for a few days and frolicking through the wilderness.

Now, there are some who go camping and go au natural, but for me, I enjoy my makeup no matter where I am. Some people don't seem to understand that for me (and countless others), makeup isn't for them. It's for me. The answer to the question: If RetroNatural is alone in the forest, does she still apply makeup? yep!  Don't believe me?  Exhibit A.

Water and makeup.. plus other survival essentials!

Here are a few more photos from camping trips that this ultra femme enjoys going on :)

My headquarters, Long Beach
Snapshot on the road to Pasadena

I made it to the top of Henninger Flats, yes those are toe shoes.. don't judge me! ;)

A lovely view from Henninger Flats. You're above the clouds!

I'm counting down and looking forward to sitting around, doing nothing, eating, napping and being an explorer in nature.  Have you been camping recently? Do you bring your makeup bag?  I love seeing makeup enthusiasts in nature, so send a link if you've got one :)