The Retro Natural: My New, Fun Retro Styled Blog!

Yep, 'tis true! I thought I'd get around to this next year once I was done with my 12 month photo project but I keep getting hints here 'n there -  perhaps from the divine - that I need to get a move on this idea for my blog that I've been toying around with and pondering about for a little while now. There's no time like the present so without further ado, I'll be kicking off this (pseudo) new blog, The Retro Natural: Vintage Inspired Hair for the Natural Hair Wearer.

What will this blog showcase, you ask? Mainly my two cents on retro fashion and hair styling from as well as retro DIY crafts because as you may know, I'm related to MacGyver and love working with my hands especially when it involves making something (pretty) out of nothing! No but really, I've been fascinated by vintage hair styling options for a while now but unfortunately, African American women weren't really portrayed much in the vintage artwork or home decor items that you can find at antique stores or vintage shops today. There isn't as much information out there regarding the best ways to go about styling highly textured hair with a vintage twist. It's not really surprising as to why but I know that I would like to see more of us get back into that retro glamour a la Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge. They're my idea of what glamour is and I want to showcase it. Also, I've gotten tons of questions about vintage hair styling for women with African American textured hair so I thought it'd be nice to show a bit of that...we natural gals love hair porn! Plus, I've always wanted to get retro inspired photos taken so where better to put them than here! :)

April 1st will mark the official starting point! I hope you enjoy the prettiness that's about to take place ;)

Self Portraits - 7

An evening gala for work dressed in as they say old Hollywood style.