Snapshots: Mug Shot DTLA

A lil' snapshot of me from December at Mug Shot in Downtown L.A. from when I went to see Bitch play. Bitch is an amazing musician if ya didn't know!  Quick set but tons of fun! I hope I look this nice if I'm ever taken down to the station - I'm not smiling because ...who smiles during a mug shot photo?  ;)

~The Retro Natural

Tan Magazine Vintage Covers

Loving this post from 16 Stone Vintage, they never fail to amaze me with their posts! I never knew of this wonderful spread of covers from Tan Magazine. I kinda wanna collect them now! :)

~The Retro Natural

Good Bye to One of the Greats

I heard the news but didn't get a moment to post. RIP Miss Etta, you were a whole lotta woman and you left a big fat beauty mark on the lives of many. I'm not 100% sure that that makes sense but it's what came out first and I'm gonna roll with it. :)

~The Retro Natural

An Oldy but a Goody + New Mascara!

I've been wearing my modern looking afro, sometimes referred to as a curly fro. I used to wear this often and I suppose I forgot about it's floated back into my life.

 I also have a new love. I'm not sure why I never thought to try out Physicians Formula's organic wear mascara but I absolutely love it! It lengthens and it doesn't take eons to get off and those are the most important things in a mascara. This company also doesn't test on our furry friends, which is a deal breaker for me when it comes to makeup/body products.

Going backwards a bit...I made a video a long time ago that showed how I get it to have this curly fro look and texture. My hair today is in need of a wash so it didn't set properly. It's also much longer so it doesn't necessarily have the same amount of volume as when it was a little shorter. But that's alright.. this is perhaps my best curly fro to date in the video. Check it out below if you wanna give it a try!

~The Retro Natural

The burlesques Snippet You've Been Waiting For

Yes, lovies, it's finally here. My apologies on the delay. For those of you who may not know, I'm also CurlyChronicles on YouTube so that's the handle you hear me mention in the beginning :)
This is my quick little Happy New Year video, late yes, but still relevant ha! My voice is still a tiny bit sore super sexy too!


~The Retro Natural

Retro Style: The Flapper Gal

The hair, the makeup (yes, yes the photos are black and white but you get the idea!) the style, the moxy. Ahhhh, I love flapper girls of the 1920s! Some were bad girls who partied too much and stayed out smoking and drinking way too late but we've all had some fun nights like those and besides, carpe diem, no? I get a kick (pun absolutely intended) out of the shenanigans of women in the 20s because it was a tough time for us and I really take delight in seeing women do what they want and for me, working your damn job, rebelliously cutting your hair and rolling down your stockings makes for a very rad lady! I kinda wanna dress up as one for Halloween but I'm torn on that and Josephine Baker. Hard decisions, I tell you!

Anywho, enjoy!

My much coveted modern flapper look!

All images from Google Images
~The Retro Natural

Obsessed! Hair Setting Tools

Pardon my recent bout of laziness...I'm off for Martin Luther King Day and I've been in the house resting, still have some residue left from the flu and my throat's been a tad tickle-ish and sore.

If you're in the loop as it pertains to the natural hair movement that's spread like wildfire in the last few years, you know that natural haired gals test out many products. It's just something ya gotta do when you're looking to figure out what works on your curly head of hair. I tried a decent number products in the first few years but settled on a few staples.  Gals who like to try out products sometimes become obsessed with trying out products and become known simply as "product junkies".  I'm not one of them. It seems my weakness has been hair setting. I'm very much interested in trying out pretty much every roller or hair setting device out there..but I won't be because I'm taking a break..but we can still go over the various ways of getting different looks with different rollers and setting tools, can't we? Thank you for indulging with me!

I've tried Curlformers but I don't enjoy sleeping in them so I don't think I'll be using them regularly.The curls actually fall out pretty quickly (so don't brush your hair like I did in my tutorial!) plus the stick broke and I haven't gotten a new one. Maybe I can just fix it.  Either way, they're much more of a hassle and that trumps everything else.

I've tried satin covered foam rollers and they do work well but I have to use more of them so my hair actually dries all the way..I've taken some down and noticed damp hair so more is more..less isn't best!

I've tried out flexi rods, by far my favorite to use because they deliver great results. Plus my hair is shiney and bouncy with minimal effort. If I put too many in my head (10-15) they're not fun to sleep in but it's manageable. Normally I use 10-15 the first night and can use less the next night because my hair's been elongated a bit by them. For me, these are probably the best rollers ever!

I've tried out magnetic rollers and while the result is okay, it's often a hit or miss with these things. I think it has to do with mastering the technique needed to put them in. They take too long to put in too, I always have to re-roll and re-pin.

I'd like to try out wave clamps to see what 20s style finger wave looking styles I can come up with. I'm not sure if I'll get the look I want though, I haven't seen them used on curly hair, only straight hair.

I also would like to try water wave combs. Again, not sure how I'd perfect the use of them, but I'd give them a go to see what I could come up with. Check out this patent for them. Neat, right?

Rag rollers are on my list too..someday..It'll take me a while I'm sure before I try all these rollers out. These are modern ones, you can make your own with strips of fabric though. I may opt for that since it's a much less expensive method.

Annnnnnnnd Ryler Stylers, yep, I kinda wanna try these out too. Curly B, a fellow natural, was inspired by the retro styles and did a great tutorial using them. Check it out!

So there you have it, rollers and the such that you can use for waves and curls. Twisting can work too but it depends on what look you want to get. Merry hair rolling!

~The Retro Natural

Alive & Kicking!

Hey lovies!

I've been down for the count for a few days battling the flu - it's so awful, oh so awful - but I'm feeling much better now and getting the last of the virus out of my system. I only took off three days from work which isn't too bad..most people are out a week or so. So I'll get back to posting now!

One of the Baddest Retro Styles Ever!

The Afro. take on it. It's not as round as they were in the 70s but it works.

I'm donning one for the time being and it's a nice effortless style that brings out the "watch yo' mouth!" in me, ha!  It also makes me wanna watch blaxploitation flicks... I love Pam Grier!

I'm giving rollers a break because I'm noticing that the hair near my hairline has been breaking off a bit..I believe it's the roller setting I've done. So, I'll let that go for a while. You have to be mindful of when things aren't benefiting your hair. So I'll be twisting and braiding more..I'll do roller sets once in a while or for a special event/performance.

Are you taking a break on a setting routine or style that hasn't been benefiting your hair? I gave up puffs too because my hairline doesn't like that style for a long period of time.

~The Retro Natural

More Old Photographs of Entertainers

Still fawning over old photos from delightful!Click to view them larger!

Yep, Ms. Lena Horne!

...and Ms. Josephine Baker!

~The Retro Natural

Happy New Year & BENT Photos!

Hey lovies!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope this year brings you good health and good old-fashioned fun! This year has been a tough one but also a fun one. I've gotten to do things I've never done before like perform and I've cultured friendships and be more social. The economy falling on its face was pretty bad and though I could feel its effects, I still managed to take delight in the little things. I haven't shopped as much as I'd like but I'm very happy with where my wardrobe is at the moment.

So about the video, it'll take me another day or two because I've been extremely lazy and my editing software has been giving me the finger for some time now.  I'll be able to get that posted soon but the photos from the show are here and I wanted to share a few with you. I really enjoyed switching from a drag king to a burlesque performer in one night. It was very fun and it flowed so nicely!  Next show should be in March and I'm super excited as always! Marlon Brandingo makes a comeback and Chi Chi Chambray makes a debut. I'd like to thank Vanessa Adams Photography for capturing these really great shots!

Hope you enjoy!

~The Retro Natural