Turning a New Leaf

Hello, retro lovers!

I've been thinking about the blog for the past (checks calendar) two months or so and I've come up with a nice compromise for myself. Tweak the blog (design makeover, yay!) to focus on other areas of life that interest me but keep it light and simple. I've always had a strong interest in practicing elegance so that it becomes second nature and being a gracious lady as many women of the past so effortlessly were. My clothing will be highlighted and while some of it will be more modern, many items I have will be older items that that give a nod to old money fashion - because not only are these style of clothing vintage, they last a very long time and that's of great interest to me. 

For example, this old Land's End polka dot sweater:

Just posted about it as a favorite and I've had it for years now. It's lasted the test of time. I didn't realize it when I purchased it at an old thrift shop in Riverside but it was a great long lasting gem.

Now, luckily, I've finally upgraded my phone and I can post a bit more easily and freely from anywhere - with wifi but still, this is a big step up for me. 

I'm continuing on Instagram so feel free to add me if you're so inclined: @gogogadgetretro.  I had quite a long hiatus as my IOS couldn't be updated on the old (ancient) iPhone I was using. But I feel a sense of pride in reporting that no hipster who "lovesold things has used a 3Gs iPhone longer than I have, I highly doubt that. It was practically vintage.

So, thank to those of you who stuck in there and still check in! I will continue but I will write when the urge strikes and make another attempt to just have a good time with it.