An End of Summer Update

Hello retro lovers,

I'm cringing a little as I type this. It's been months since I've posted. I've been focused on work and working out lately.  Of course I try to have some fun when I can...necessary in this life!  I've been weight lifting since January of 2013 and I'm in wonderful shape! I don't think I've been looking 'as retro' as I could and I don't document my outfits often so the photos are somewhat lacking but I do have a visual recap for ya of what I've been getting into.

Most of my Spring/Summer clothing aren't as vintage looking as I'd like them to be. Plus I've gained a bit of muscle (welcome to the gun show!) so some things no longer fit me at all. I've donated old stuff I no longer wear... I suppose it's time for a new wardrobe? Perhaps for my birthday ;)

But enough of that.. here's your photo recap!

A workday, in one few very old dresses.
A sporty day at the beach, but not so much in that water.
Again, welcome to the gun show!

From my birthday brunch. The dress is extremely 80s, very rare for me.

Getting a good sweat in at the gym, I'm one of the few gals in there :-D
Me on the court, I'm actually pretty good at tennis!

I went to the super old school arcade.

Hiking in Ojai, breathtakingly beautiful and serene

The place I stayed at in Ojai had a trampoline. It exhausted me in under 3 minutes!

That about wraps it up, I do hope you enjoyed :)  I do hope to have a hair pictorial sooner or later. I've been doing more up-dos to keep my hair in more simple and protective styles. I plan to wear it curly rather than straight, it's just time for a change.  I trust that all of you are doing well and enjoying the start of a lovely Fall season.

Til next time!