Retro Flea Market Finds: Peachy Vintage Delicates

I found these lovely little beauties at the Long Beach Flea Market some time ago and never got a moment to edit the photos I took of them.  My beloved found the slip, it's quickly become a favorite of mine but I can't model it on just's a bit risque! It's also a bit scratchy so I may have a simple peach colored satin lining sewn in to make it a bit more comfy.  One thing's for sure, it's very delicate and  royal looking!

I also found a pastel peach beaded hand purse. It's also very delicate looking and definitely for the spring time but I think I can fit into summer as well! The bead work is very nice, it's missing 1 bead but I'm pretty adamant that I can fix it.

What have you found recently at the flea market? Post a link to a photo if you'd like me to share it in an upcoming new series of posts, "Retro Flea Market Finds". :)

~The Retro Natural

Random Snapshots I

Some views of things around that sometimes don't get posted because they're just sitting in a folder somewhere.

 Some other DIY bows I made, I need to practice though..they're so so.

 Me getting a free hug at Long Beach's Pride.  It was BRIGHT outside!

I normally fry my plantains or put them in a shake but these were baked with cinnamon and agave!

A vintage (brass I believe) compact and a very small, gold hand purse from a work dinner.

The menu (all vegan!) from Green Leaves in West Hollywood.

 Sleeping ducks near the pond at my job.

Just a snapshot of the color combo, I really like royal blue/silver/black! 

 Rockabilly band (w/ Vicky Tafoya) that performed at Pride. LOVE her hair!

This is a fun, cool idea because I get to put out photos that don't necessarily have a specific purpose. Maybe I'll do these once a month or so :)

~The Retro Natural

Red Riding Hood & a Le Salon des Naturelles Giveaway!

Hello lovies!

Just showing ya the hair. I've been parting my hair down the middle here and there and it's a nice change from the side part - my default! I used the flexi rollers here in the same way that I did with the 30s inspired waves tutorial. I like this set a lot! It was a bit windy and it sprinkled a bit in the morning so I put on a scarf. There's quite a bit of red going on here! I'm wondering why I don't seem to have a blouse on in the last two photos, surely I do but I suppose I took it off to get out some wrinkles.. who knows? :)

..annnnnnnnd there's a book giveaway going on over at Le Salon des Naturelles. The lovely Evelyn is giving away The Science of Hair. Check out the post by clicking here and enter, all you gotta do is pick a number 1-50 or 51-100. I think I'm gonna enter myself!  :)  She also did a feature on me earlier this month, check it out and thanks again Evelyn for featuring me, I'm always appreciative of lil virtual spotlight love! ;D

Edited to add: Oops, I did miss a requirement for the contest, you did have to follow the blog prior to choosing a number. Thanks for the reminder Charish! :)

~The Retro Natural

Vintage Cars & Ice Cream

Vintage clothes are gorgeous but I think vintage cars are hot! Lucky for me, my gf has a '78 probably wouldn't find me driving it but I'll ride in it to go out for Cold Stone sorbet! I plan to do a fun photo shoot with the 'stang soon. It should be tons of fun!

I'll have more photos soon :D!

~The Retro Natural

Retro Dress DIY Dye Job

  Hot heat = poofy hair, que sera sera!

The creative juices were flowing over this past weekend. It was random and I didn't use measurements, just threw in turmeric and a raspberry tea bag and sat back. :)

(Click to view it larger.)

After this, I realized I didn't have a hair accessory to wear with it so the creative juices kept on flowing. I dotted a piece of light tan fabric and then made it into a bow. I don't know if the dots will keep but I'll get at least a few wears out of it.  I found a tutorial over at Vintage in a Modern World's blog on how to make easy, no-sew bows and it was so simple! Then I broke a hair comb that was way too big and glued it on to the bow before I dyed it (silly idea, duh!) which caused the glue to just you just don't think things through fully. Tis ok! I let it dry and then glued it right back on!

I'll take a photo o the finished bow, it didn't get captured in my photos from the picnic unfortunately.

I wore the dress to a large picnic for the LGBTQ gal community (but very inclusive) rightfully titled Dyke Day and had fun in the sun with great friends.  As you can see in that first photo, my dress lightened up as it dried and then it ended up looking a bit washed out since it was super bright and super hot out. I felt pretty happy with it nonetheless but I think I'd like to re-dye it and see if I can get it to have the same pop it had when it was hanging up to dry.

Got any old light clothing items you're bored with? Give this a's a fun experiment! ;)

~The Retro Natural

Layered Curls and Shadow

I've been rolling my hair as I have here and today I tried to go for a layered curls look. I like it so I better take a snapshot of it or else I'll forget! :)

I also took the advice of Imogen and tried some shadow to play up my eyes. I didn't want to overdo it so it's pretty minimal but I think it adds some mesmerizing mystique! Thanks for suggesting that! I've got a bit of studying to do before attempting some of the vintage eye looks, they look like they may take a bit of practice. But I'm up for a challenge so it should be fun!

~The Retro Natural

Cooking & Miami!

Hello, Lovies!

Hope you're all as happy as I am, it is Friday afterall! :)

I wanted to share some great news with ya, the first being that I'll be creating a series of videos focusing on health food on my YouTube channel, CurlyChronicles, titled (so unique, right?) Curly Chronicles Cooking, the first episode was posted yesterday!  Woo hoo!

 I find myself taking down my hair when I get home but I should have kept it in that cute updo lol

The other great news is that I've been invited to be a special invited guest at the A Million Queens Conference and Expo which takes place in Miami, FL and this is a natural living focused event with tons of information on how to live a more natural life.  Many gals would like to take a natural approach to their hair, makeup products, fitness routine, food choices, etc. Those of you who know me, know I'm a health nerd (health nut sounds so ..not right!) so this is right up my alley and I'm excited to be a part of it. They've even graced me with a page for my subscribers, friends, and fam to leave comments and of course talk about the event as we approach the date of September 15th. The video goes over more details but it's going to be tons of fun and I'll get to a green hotel resort and spa, never done that before!

I'll be providing more details soon, hope to see some of ya there!  :)

~The Retro Natural

How I'm (Currently) Setting my Hair

Sometimes I find myself changing up my hair setting routine just a bit. Just thought I'd share what I'm doing currently - more than likely out of laziness! - with the front side section of my hair. The rest of my hair is put into large braids overnight because it helps create a wave and it stretches my hair out a lot (which makes it easier for me to pin up rather than when it's really coiled and curly.

In the morning, I've been rolling and piling my hair onto itself and attacking it with bobby pins.I used all of these babies for one hairstyle...and this is a minimal bobby pin day - crazy! Quick! What's the most number of bobby pins you've used at once???

Simple, yep. effective, abso-freakin-lutely. But! I'm wondering if I'll like larger foam rollers..I've seen those really huge, JUMBO ones and I'm thinking it may be good to purchase a pack or two and see how I like them. My waves and coils would be super big if I used the larger barrel ones and I think it'd be fun to play around with 'em a bit. Do any of you have flexi rod rollers larger than mine? How do you like them?

~The Retro Natural

Pretty Things: My Vintage 60s Portable Hair Dryer

One of the coolest vintage things I've purchased for myself is a my 1960s Lady Schick Portable Hair Dryer. It was about $20 and I found it on Etsy.

I can bring it anywhere with me and it's a really adorable pastel/teal blue color :)

I set it up in the bathroom and sit and read or paint my nails. 

It doesn't get very hot so I never suffer from heat damage. I was actually happy that it wasn't "high powered" because my hair strands are fine and they can burn easily under a modern dryer. I wonder if it's because today people want everything so food, fast cars, fast hair? With this little darling, I can sit for an hour and my hair won't have that burnt smell - ew!

I usually use coconut oil or castor oil after I apply a leave in conditioner (typically Giovanni Direct Leave In) to protect my hair when I'm going under. But it's the cutest little addition to my collection of pretty things!

If you're in the market for a vintage dryer, check out this list of dryers on Etsy!  (Try not to drool over the GE avocado green dryer - such a beauty!)

~ The Retro Natural

One of the Greats: Happy (belated) Birthday Josephine Baker!

I've just accepted that my auto post is broken, this really should have posted on June 3rd, her actual birthday!

But anway, she was such a cool lady! I get my leopard print lovin' and shimmyin' dance inspiration from Ms. Baker.  She made herself into a much sought after entertainer in Europe and she cared for many children and animals..She's forever an idol of mine :)

Screen shot from when I watched Zou Zou

I plan to show you my vintage hair dryer in the next post..gotta locate those photos but it's coming soon! :)

~The Retro Natural