Pretty Things: My Vintage 60s Portable Hair Dryer

One of the coolest vintage things I've purchased for myself is a my 1960s Lady Schick Portable Hair Dryer. It was about $20 and I found it on Etsy.

I can bring it anywhere with me and it's a really adorable pastel/teal blue color :)

I set it up in the bathroom and sit and read or paint my nails. 

It doesn't get very hot so I never suffer from heat damage. I was actually happy that it wasn't "high powered" because my hair strands are fine and they can burn easily under a modern dryer. I wonder if it's because today people want everything so food, fast cars, fast hair? With this little darling, I can sit for an hour and my hair won't have that burnt smell - ew!

I usually use coconut oil or castor oil after I apply a leave in conditioner (typically Giovanni Direct Leave In) to protect my hair when I'm going under. But it's the cutest little addition to my collection of pretty things!

If you're in the market for a vintage dryer, check out this list of dryers on Etsy!  (Try not to drool over the GE avocado green dryer - such a beauty!)

~ The Retro Natural


Jc said...

I was wondering if it worked. Thanks for the etsy site, I'm going over there to drool

Funbi said...

WOOW! I don't use drier because as you said, they are too hot! But this little baby is too cuute and for such a small price too!!! Just loove, looove me some vintage ;) thanks for sharing sis!

Mikkimu said...

Very cute!! I just chucked my old Gold N Hot Hard-Hat Dryer...and am now in search of a soft bonnet-style dryer, that actually works. That other behemoth I had did get h-o-t...the forehead and neck scars from the burns I used to get are constant reminders...booo! I will check out Etsy as well.

Editor said...

Super cute! I have a bonnet dryer that I haven't used since my hair was relaxed. I remember that thing burning my neck the last time I used it so I haven't bothered with it since. This sounds like a winner!

Nefertiti said...

Just wanted to pop in to say thanks for this idea! After I read your post, I checked out Etsy. Then, I compared what I found there to what I could find on eBay (always do, since eBay is so competitive, I can get some really great deals!). Long story less long, my new (old) dryer came on Friday. I paid $26, including shipping, and it's a really cute robin's egg blue vintage GE dryer that I LOVE. I used it for a deep condition over the weekend, and my favorite thing is that it doesn't get unbearably hot. It's perfect!