Retro Flea Market Finds: Peachy Vintage Delicates

I found these lovely little beauties at the Long Beach Flea Market some time ago and never got a moment to edit the photos I took of them.  My beloved found the slip, it's quickly become a favorite of mine but I can't model it on just's a bit risque! It's also a bit scratchy so I may have a simple peach colored satin lining sewn in to make it a bit more comfy.  One thing's for sure, it's very delicate and  royal looking!

I also found a pastel peach beaded hand purse. It's also very delicate looking and definitely for the spring time but I think I can fit into summer as well! The bead work is very nice, it's missing 1 bead but I'm pretty adamant that I can fix it.

What have you found recently at the flea market? Post a link to a photo if you'd like me to share it in an upcoming new series of posts, "Retro Flea Market Finds". :)

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

WOW! These are great finds!! Lovely bead work on that purse too! I have really been wanting to go to a flea market!! I think it's time I did :)

Jc said...
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Jc said...

They are great finds. lol at not modelling the slip. I think it actually looks quite weddingy. With a satin or silk panel underneath it would look very 1920-1930s

MsXpat said...

What treasures! You are so lucky, lol. Very nice.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, you better get to a flea market! :D you'll have so much fun!

@ JC, thanks! I think it kinda looks wedding-ish too, It's really a shame it's not it's own dress, I could make it into one but it's pretty as it is! :)

@ MsXpat, thank you! I feel like Long Beach is a gem for vintage finds :)