Retro Dress DIY Dye Job

  Hot heat = poofy hair, que sera sera!

The creative juices were flowing over this past weekend. It was random and I didn't use measurements, just threw in turmeric and a raspberry tea bag and sat back. :)

(Click to view it larger.)

After this, I realized I didn't have a hair accessory to wear with it so the creative juices kept on flowing. I dotted a piece of light tan fabric and then made it into a bow. I don't know if the dots will keep but I'll get at least a few wears out of it.  I found a tutorial over at Vintage in a Modern World's blog on how to make easy, no-sew bows and it was so simple! Then I broke a hair comb that was way too big and glued it on to the bow before I dyed it (silly idea, duh!) which caused the glue to just you just don't think things through fully. Tis ok! I let it dry and then glued it right back on!

I'll take a photo o the finished bow, it didn't get captured in my photos from the picnic unfortunately.

I wore the dress to a large picnic for the LGBTQ gal community (but very inclusive) rightfully titled Dyke Day and had fun in the sun with great friends.  As you can see in that first photo, my dress lightened up as it dried and then it ended up looking a bit washed out since it was super bright and super hot out. I felt pretty happy with it nonetheless but I think I'd like to re-dye it and see if I can get it to have the same pop it had when it was hanging up to dry.

Got any old light clothing items you're bored with? Give this a's a fun experiment! ;)

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

WOW!! Sis this is so creative!! Love, love the bow that went with it too!! Oh, can't wait to get creative!
Thanks for sharing ;)

LoveNWright said...

How nimble of you!! Wow!! I love the idea of dotting fabric for a dotted bow! HA!! Simple and Chic and let's not forget RETRO!!!

Kay @LoveNWright

Erika said...

That is lovely. Looks like you need something to "fix" the color. Unfortunately, I can think of no natural materials for lightfastness. Turmeric is pretty nice for yellow in soap making; I have not tried it for coloring fabric.

Kate said...

Glad you found my hair bow tutorial helpful :)

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, LiveNWright, thanks, it was a a fun lil project! :D

@ Erika, I yeah, I gotta put my thinking cap on, I'm gonna try to dye it again and see what happens but I gotta be a Master Googler and see what else is out there :)

@ Kate, I'm glad I did too, it was so fun! Thanks for having your blog, it's tons of pretty!

BCopher said...

Very cool ideas! I've been wanting to dye a few things but have been too afraid. I'm going to give it a shot this weekend!