Bikini Fun and an Natural Bloom E-mag!

Hello folks!

Are you enjoying the summer so far? I'm absolutely loving it! I've worn my new bathing suit out recently and it survived the test run to the beach. You know, doing a test run with a bikini (especially one with a small top!) is always a good idea...we don't want things popping out or slipping up in front of a large crowd (unless that tickles your fancy!) so it helps to create a good level of confidence when you wear it once prior to something of a larger, more extravagant function. I'm bringing this one with me to the A Million Queens Natural Lifestyle Expo :)
My hair was a bit "special" on this particular day..the wind kept at it and it's really fluffy looking. 
But such is the result of a fun beach day so no fretting here!

 1st Edition of Natural Bloom!

In other news, I'm proud to announce that I'll be contributing to a very cool e-magazine called Natural Bloom chock full of fabulousness and adorable hints of retro sprinkled through the pages. Can you spot them? The gal behind Natural Bloom', the lovely Jc (blogger of The Natural Haven), reached out to me to include my Gibson roll tutorial. I was happy to oblige but now I'll be contributing to the future e-mags with new tutorials! How cool, right? Sooooo that means you'll have to check out the e-mag for some of the tutorials. Don't worry, I'll tease ya with a photo and be sure to link ya to the webpage for all the goodies! ;)  The first mag was a huge success and I know the future editions will be as well! Thanks to Jc for the fantastically cool offer!

Be sure to let Jc know what ya think in the comment section!

~The Retro Natural
p.s. Did you spot Ms. Josephine?! :)

Layered Curls Tutorial

Ashley inquired about a tutorial for the layered curls. I show a quick one at the end of this video.


~The Retro Natural

Summer Looks: The More Polished Fishtail Braid

Here's my more polished looking fishtail, I think I did a pretty good job (could've done a better job at not snipping off my nose!), have you given it a try yet?  This is a perfect example of how simple rolls can be combined with another style to create something interesting!

I made this decorative hair comb the same morning and it came out pretty nicely. I literally glued fabric to a piece of stiff plastic from some accessory packaging and then glued little flowers, glass stones and fuzzy whatchamacallits to it lol.  Then I glued on a plastic comb. Super easy!

~The Retro Natural

Summer Weekend Looks: A Fishtail Braid!

Hello, Lovies!

I've been a busy, busy gal but I'm trying to be really good about my posting..I don't want ya to forget about me! I've been into slightly more interesting looks lately as it relates to my hair and one style I've been wanting to try out is the fishtail braid. It's similar to a french braid but more intricate looking. I did this style on hair that was braided in large plaits and the front section of hair was put into rollers. This is a messier version on me but I'll post a close up of a more polished braid in the next post.

Adding a few rolls instantly seems to make this look more rockabilly. I like it!
I'll have to take another photo of the t-shirt I'm wearing, it's vintage and from my beloved's grandma.

I was inspired so I gave it a try and rushed it a bit because I had to head out but I checked online for videos and there are tons of tutorials out there! Luxyhair has an amazingly gorgeous tutorial showing you the steps to creating this cute, beachy do - perfect for lounging poolside with a mimosa in one hand and your favorite book in the check out her video below and givie it a whirl!

Alright, so now you've got the steps in order right? In the next post, I'll show an after hours, polished version of the fishtail braid.  Stay tuned!

~The Retro Natural

Tag! I'm it and perhaps YOU too!

I've been tagged by the very funky Funbi of Dat Funky Fro, let the sharing begin!

Why do you write?
I write (and post photos!) because it's a fun way to express myself and hold onto memories. I love going back in time to see how I thought, dressed, even styled my hair. I also write because I wanted a little hub for the gals who like to mix vintage with natural hair and I didn't see a little hub for it so I figured I'd create it myself. It's been very fun!

Share your three pearls of wisdom
1. You're always the source to your own happiness (or unhappiness), ask yourself in any given situation if you're happy at that particular moment. If the answer is no, do what you need to do to be able to say "yes"!

2. Carry red lipstick and liner, you never know when you may need to spruce up your face a bit and this is one of the fastest ways to do so!

3. Volunteer at some point in time during your life. Someone helped you out at one time or another and even if you can claim that no one ever helped you out, it'll still feel good. Each one, teach one!

Tag 5 other bloggers!!
I'm tagging XXblackbeautyXX, Pop-O-Matic Deluxe, Nicole is the New Black, Onyx Rose, and The Naturalista Files

You're suppose to do the same things gals, share why you write, share 3 pearls of wisdom and tag 5 others. :) ok go!

~The Retro Natural

Black & Gold Embroidery

I like circle skirts, they're so simple and yet so elegant. This one I found at a Goodwill isn't vintage but the embroidery was so pretty, I had to get it.  I feel like it may be a costume piece. I don't mind that though..maybe if it were red, white and blue - I think I'm alright with black, gold and yellow.

My head got cut off twice so I said forget it, but I promise, it's me!

I wore this vintage cuff, I forget what thrift store I got this from but it was in Riverside. I've found amazing things at the shops in the IE!

~The Retro Natural