Bikini Fun and an Natural Bloom E-mag!

Hello folks!

Are you enjoying the summer so far? I'm absolutely loving it! I've worn my new bathing suit out recently and it survived the test run to the beach. You know, doing a test run with a bikini (especially one with a small top!) is always a good idea...we don't want things popping out or slipping up in front of a large crowd (unless that tickles your fancy!) so it helps to create a good level of confidence when you wear it once prior to something of a larger, more extravagant function. I'm bringing this one with me to the A Million Queens Natural Lifestyle Expo :)
My hair was a bit "special" on this particular day..the wind kept at it and it's really fluffy looking. 
But such is the result of a fun beach day so no fretting here!

 1st Edition of Natural Bloom!

In other news, I'm proud to announce that I'll be contributing to a very cool e-magazine called Natural Bloom chock full of fabulousness and adorable hints of retro sprinkled through the pages. Can you spot them? The gal behind Natural Bloom', the lovely Jc (blogger of The Natural Haven), reached out to me to include my Gibson roll tutorial. I was happy to oblige but now I'll be contributing to the future e-mags with new tutorials! How cool, right? Sooooo that means you'll have to check out the e-mag for some of the tutorials. Don't worry, I'll tease ya with a photo and be sure to link ya to the webpage for all the goodies! ;)  The first mag was a huge success and I know the future editions will be as well! Thanks to Jc for the fantastically cool offer!

Be sure to let Jc know what ya think in the comment section!

~The Retro Natural
p.s. Did you spot Ms. Josephine?! :)


Funbi said...

Hey sis! I am absolutely loving that swimsuit! And you hair looks gorgeous as always! I've heard about the magazine! Congrats on the feature! I'm digging in right now! Many thanks to the lovely Jc!


Funbi said...

Okay, I just finished the whole magazine and I absolutely love it!! I also love the feature...I'm gonna have to try it :D


Erika said...


Cool magazine and congrats on the feature! I really miss glossy magazines. I say this like they are completely obsolete! My fav was Essence during the Susan Taylor years.

Desiree said...

Loving the parasol. I want to get one but I'm worried it's too late in the summer. I know you started following me a million years ago, but I only just got around to Googling you to find you. Do you realize a link to your page doesn't come up you follow someone? You might have to fiddle with blogger to make it work.

I'm always so happy to find other black women that are interested in vintage culture, etc., and it's so cool that you do it with natural hair! I'll be back.

-Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

Evelyn said...

I like the high-waist bottom of your bikini. I need to find something like that. Cute. ;)

MsXpat said...

OMG! Great pic. Very old hollywood :0)

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, thanks! I wanted to dive right in at work but I already had my break lol had to wait til I got home to get the meat of it.

@ Erika, I used to read Seventeen, I can't read it anymore but it was fun while I was in high school. I browse my mom's Essences from time to time when she doesn't need em because I never got a subscription lol..

@ Desiree, I saw if the sun is out, go for the parasol lol.. it really was blazing hot out that day at the beach. It's just getting started I think!

@ Evelyn, American Apparel is where mine is from (and score! it's not expensive) but I've heard that even places like Walmart are starting to carry retro inspired suits if you don't want to spend much dough on one. They can be pricey..there's one on ebay I've been eying for ever lol

@ Ms Expat, thank you for the compliment!

Jul said...

This retro bikini looks wonderful on you, and I love the sun umbrella!

Jc said...

Thanks for giving the mag a head's up! Love the whole parasol seaside look!!

KRain said...

I found you through the mag so, thanks for contributing to it! I am a big fan of Vintage hair styles, clothes, etc. and happy to see there are others out there. The swimsuit is fab.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Jul, thanks! I never thought I'd wear a bikini like this but I love it! :)

@ KRain, Welcome fellow retro lover! I'm glad ya found me, I hope you enjoy the blog!