Summer Looks: The More Polished Fishtail Braid

Here's my more polished looking fishtail, I think I did a pretty good job (could've done a better job at not snipping off my nose!), have you given it a try yet?  This is a perfect example of how simple rolls can be combined with another style to create something interesting!

I made this decorative hair comb the same morning and it came out pretty nicely. I literally glued fabric to a piece of stiff plastic from some accessory packaging and then glued little flowers, glass stones and fuzzy whatchamacallits to it lol.  Then I glued on a plastic comb. Super easy!

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

This is tooo loooovely! I'm really loving this look. Would like to try it but I think my hair is still too short! WOW that comb...tutorial Loving it!
Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

This is so beautiful. I love this look. I need a little more length before I tackle this fishtail P.S. I love the hair decoration

LoveNWright said...

Wow, the braid looks so simple and easy, pretty too!! Thanks for posting the vid in the previous post, I've been meaning to look it up, but since you posted it: I DONT HAVE TOOOO!!!!

Oh, yea! The cutest things are the things we don't spend much time creating!! Love the hairpin

Renise B said...

stunning! has a rather Grecian feel to it.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, thanks! I'll show ya a quick tutorial, lemme round up a few more bobbles n beads I got around this house :)

@ LovenWright, thanks! I totally agree, the most adorable things come out of just sputtering around the house and are so random but fun lol

@ Renise, I noticed that some have called the fishtail a grecian braid, I definitely agree with ya, it has that Roman kinda feel!

BCopher said...

It's gorgeous! I"ll have to try it the next time I stretch my hair. And if this 100 degree weather breaks, I might try a rollerset then give it a go. I'll email you a picture I took of a woman at a festival with the most stunning fishtail braid and hair accessory. I think I need a new glue gun because everything I glue falls off :(

milingmai said...

this hair comb looks gorgeous! especially the one leafe that goes up does it for me. with the rolls and the fishtail you look like in a fairytale