Hair Basics: Creating a Hair Rat

So what's a hair rat?
Well a nutshell, it's a lump of shed hair (collected over the course of a few months or so) used inside of your roll or bang to give you additional volume. Since it is your own hair, it's the perfect color and texture making it hard to spot.  I normally see it used for faux bangs and side rolls. I've used it in both areas and it's enhanced the style a lot!

I know, you still feel weird about putting something referred to as a rat on your head. I know..don't worry, you'll let that go eventually ;)

Isn't the packaging retro? :D

You can easily go to a beauty supply store (or if they don't have them, Sally's does!) and purchase a hair roll (a new age hair rat) but women in the past were resourceful! I was intrigued about this hair secret but it's not really much different from a clip in hair extension, in my humble opinion.  It's pretty simple to make, so simple, a tutorial just wouldn't be necessary.  Take your shed hair, roll it up in a hair net and then sew it so that it doesn't unravel. It should sort of resemble a sausage! The best thing about creating your own is that it, again, blends in perfectly.

Alright, get started on your project! Up next, I'll be showing you how to create a faux bang with your  hair rat. I'll probably use the one I got from Sally's because unfortunately, my homemade one doesn't have the thickness nor length that it should have...ah..that sounds really dirty. Apologies! ;)

~The Retro Natural


nicole is the new black said...

A hair rat? How clever!! This is really good idea, never stuffed my rolls or anything and now with locs, all my shed hair detaches from the roots and adds itself to the end of the loc itself, so nothing to collect. But I am a fan of the hair net, I got hip to the hair net when I had traditional locs, they are a life saver

Erika said...

I remember seeing something like that at my great-grandmother's home as a child. It's good to know its purpose was not to freak out the great-grandkids! This is great! I'll have a challenge finding a proper hair net around here. I think is should go a fascinator shop.

Funbi said...

I believe I've laid my eyes on something like this before back in the days...Great and useful I must say!! Thanks for sharing!

Gabriella said...

Just found your blog via the DC Metro Retro. You have great style! Loving your faux bangs.


The Retro Natural said...

@ Nicole, they sure are! I think the snood is gonna be my go to style for when I have a disastrous hair setting fail :)

@ Erika, I think it's so cool that your actually know someone who used one! I assume my great aunts used them but I'd have to double check lol

@ Funbi, the funny thing is, I think I would have been a bit freaked out by it if I saw it on the bathroom sink as a kid! lol

@ Gabriella, welcome lovie! I love DC Metro's blog, she's so stylish and amiable!

themoderngiant said...

for my hair rat i used kinky hair extensions for the bulk of it and used my shed hair on the ends.

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