Getting the Retro Look: My Makeup Must-Haves

I really like makeup, but I can't say that I go gaga over it and buy the whole store. I definitely could (given copious amounts of money and no daily agenda) but I've weened myself off having a bunch of various eyeshadows, liners, lipsticks, etc. I do really well with a minimal palette of supplies.  Getting a retro look involves a few must-haves: Red lips, defined brows, matte makeup, and black liquid liner. Here are a few products that I always use when prettying up in the mornings.

I've used Bare Minerals for years now and I just recently found out that they carry a matte foundation. I've tried it and I like it more than the old "deep" foundation I used in the past. I don't use concealer, I mix my golden deep matte with an unscented moisturizer and use it where it's needed most (usually the forehead and cheeks) and then put a layer of powder form foundation on top. Works out very nicely!

I will always love my Bravo but in the past few weeks I've been using Razzberry, an unfortunately discontinued color, and I like it well enough.  I plan to try out a color from Urban Decay because that means I can walk in (into my local Sephora, that is) and walk out - instead of ordering online and having to wait. I hate waiting for makeup in the mail!

For my brows, the brow wax is thick enough to stay put for the day but it tends to be a smidge too light so I often use a black eyeliner pencil in addition to the wax to create a darker brown color. 

For that cute cat eye look, you can use whatever black liquid liner you prefer.  I currently have one from E.L.F. that I don't like that much because the marker-like tip gets fuzzy.  I plan to try Arbonne's liquid liner, they specifically state that it has a non fray tip! These are just my more important staple products.

What products do you absolutely need for achieving your retro look?? 

~The Retro Natural

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Angela Hall Makeup Artist said...

I rarely do red lips. Pink and coral were common lipstick colors back in the day so I often wear berry shades..Iman's Wild Thing and MAC's Desire are faves. When I do wear red it's MAC's Media dark matte red.

I may give Bare Minerals another try but the original formula ashes up on me. I use Graftobian HD (Sienna), Colorstay (Mocha) Kiss ( Neutral Warm 20). I used to wear MAC but they've changed something and now its orange.

MAC Fluidline eyeliner but I also have pens from Revlon.