Hair Settings Option #2: Curlformers

Hello, folks!  As promised (albeit a bit late!), I'll be presenting to you, my Curlformers hair setting video.  I use Curlformers from time to time to set my hair.  Normally I prefer to use these when I don't have to sleep on them (i.e.when I have time to sit under the dryer on a nice Saturday morning with tea and a book) but sometimes the only time you have is after work and you're forced to wear them to bed.  Here's a list of women with natural hair putting in the Curlformers in case you're curious.  I used the usual Giovanni leave in conditioner and coconut oil but I think I should have used more coconut oil. I couldn't decide on what to do with my hair after  I took them out and after a bit of rushing, I had some sort of...roll thing on the side..definitely not a victory was a roll all of it's own I suppose.  The back got fluffy/frizzy - my fault though, a bit too much rushing (the previous night) and brushing (the following morning!). This wasn't a 100% successful set but not bad for giving it a go on a weeknight. I sat under my vintage hair dryer for a while and let them in over night..maybe the back pieces weren't 100% dry.   In the end, I was alright with how it came out. :)


~The Retro Natural


KeiKei said...

loving your retro style hair and MAKEUP! Beautiful sis

Erika said...

Okay, I fear that the crochet hook looking device is dangerous!!!

my verification word: dhellyz

It made me laugh. Carry on.

Funbi said...

Love this sis!!!
Came out great!

Chic Noir said...

Oh my Gosh. I love the retro look. I'm so happy to have found another sister into this look.

btw, do you read lula magazine? It's sort of retro but more girly girly?

kennie said...

When you use coconut oil, is it in its solidified form or liquid? If in its liquid form, do you think other oils such as grapeseed or olive would work as well? Basically, do you use coconut oil because it's your personal preference or because you actually think it yields the best results when setting hair?

The Retro Natural said...

Thanks Funbi & KurlyKeiKei!

@ Erika, I know it looks pretty scary, I was looking at it going, "why's it such a long device?" but it's not that bad. If you detangle well enough it's fine. Perhaps the verification word is a sign hahahaah, nah you're ok, give it a go one day!

@chic noir, ooooh I haven't heard of this magazine but I may have to look into this..sounds like a realllly fun read! Thanks!

@ Kennie, I think coconut oil yields better results. My hair doesn't feel weighed down as fast when using it as compared to olive oil or shea butter. I think grapeseed oil would work in the same way though, because it's just really lightweight :)