My Vintage Earrings Dilemma - Solved!

My earrings look very innocent but they're not. I was a bit more bohemian and hippie-like before with my style (actually, I still look like a hippie every now and again!) and also with my choice of ear adornments (read: slightly stretched lobes) but lately I've wanted the best of both worlds - the ability to wear larger gauge earrings whenever I like but also the ability to wear a simple pair of rhinestone studs. My ears are only at an 8 gauge size, but it took me a while to find size 8 amongst the other sizes that were more easily available. Didn't think it could possibly be done until I stumbled on these little heaven sent earrings!
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I've always told myself, I'm a master Googler (sounds a bit dirty eh?) but it's true, after months of trying to come up with different ways of saying "larger gauge stud earrings" I finally found the perfect pair that allows me to keep my lobes at an 8 gauge size but still wear a nice and simple stud. This is a nice way to They're sold individually so make sure you order two! It's sort of like, professional in the front, party in the back - kind of like mullets? The next pair I get will probably be from Naughty Girl Boutique, these are adorable! :)

I like vintage earrings but I don't really own any because they don't really "fit". I can use older style backings (thanks @LukaLomi) with the large plastic circle on the back (but my lobes may shrink a little over time) or I'm thinking I can purchase larger gauge studs and attach vintage earrings. That should solve my little problem from here on out. I do feel like I may be "messing up" some of the vintage earrings I may come to own in the future but it's better than having none to wear at all!  If you've struggled with choosing larger gauge plugs over vintage earrings, I hope this helps you out! :)

~The Retro Natural


Unknown said...

Thanks Autumn!! I have the same issue!! I love these!!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Melissa, More people have this problem than I thought. maybe I'll create a simple but elegant jewelry line one day that features larger gauges for the alternative ear adornments crowd :D