Old Things: The 1940s Chest

By now you're probably quite aware that I really like old things, they're full of stories and I enjoy thinking about their uses, who had them in their possession and where they came from. I try not to think about the fact that a family pet may have perhaps peed on them at one point in time or another. I try to shrug that part off. Here's a very old chest from 1940 that belongs to my sweetheart (who also loves old things) and is now filled with seasonal clothing that shouldn't be worn at the moment. I'm focusing on the details, the details! Why? Because an old chest looks like a simple box but when you see the details, it becomes much more interesting...and I'll admit that I'm a fan of macro-esque photography.  Close up shots of bees are just amazing!

~The Retro Natural

All About Vaudeville

I love looking at Vaudeville photos. They tend to capture movement, great costumes and really great hair and makeup! Vaudeville came about in France and it was an entertainment comedy show about the trials and tribulations of life at the time. I feel as though we try to put on airs when it comes to entertainment nowadays but I suppose that's because we've become a society that greatly values escapism?

Here are a few photos I found via Google images. Aren't they great? I'm sure we had some amazing entertainers in the past....such a shame. Not to say there aren't great entertainers out in the world but they aren't in the spotlight much. We all know why that is so we'll just keep it moving. True talent doesn't sell as often in this world unfortunately. Looks and marketability matter more. Such is life though. I guess this is why I marvel at our entertainers of yesteryear so much and why I'd rather look at a million photos from the past than the airbrushed ones from last week. Oh and of course the clothes and hair have something to do with it ;)


All Photos found via Google Images

Because I was Celebrating Yesterday...

Soooo...Happy Valentine's Day m'dears! :) I hope love is in the air for you all...whether it's your sweetheart, your bestest friend ever, your doggie or your turtle, always spread the love!

~The Retro Natural

All Things Natural Hair Care Seminar

Hey Lovies,

I should have posted this last week, but a last, I have failed you. Not truly...just being a bit dramatic! Anywho, there's a great educational hair care seminar happening on February 18th. It's being put on by Mahogany Hair Revolution (a lovely salon whether you're natural or not) and I did a giveaway on YouTube (congrats to Karma and Kyma!) and I wanted to just post the details for the Los Angeles folks who want to learn more about haircare and the problems we all face from experts. At this event we'll learn about scalp issues, hair loss, growing longer, healthier hair and a bit about being a product junkie and how to overcome it. I'm excited because although I can do my own hair pretty well, I'm a bit ignorant to issues of the hair such as why we get dandruff or the type of hair loss we can experience. I'm ready to learn! A warm fuzzy shout out to Nicole Harmon of Hair Liberty and Dr. Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution for allowing me to offer tickets to my subscribers and attend the seminar. Check out the details of the seminar below.

(Click to view larger)

Hope to see some of ya there!

~The Retro Natural

Link Love: Vintage Advertisements with Afros & Black History Month

I've been a little busy lately and pooooped when I arrive home so I'm taking this time to work on some posts. One thing I've been excited about it the fact that it's Black History Month and via the various blogs I follow, I'm bound to see oodles of articles on Black Americans who educated themselves, fought for opportunity and busted down a few walls too. History reminds me of what once was and what could potentially be should we choose to forget. There's a lot going on in the world today and people are noticing the the power that they lack. From the Occupy movements to the fight for marriage equality, people are angry and they're demanding change as well as respect and equal rights. So, I'm happily celebrating victory from the historical past and hopefully for the near future.

In the mean time, Afro Glitz rocks my socks for showcasing these wonderful ads from the 60s and 70s featuring the afro . Can I get a "I'm Black and I'm proud!"? *high five* Happy Black History Month everyone. :)

~The Retro Natural

Snapshots: A 'Great Waves' Hair Set

I got my waves back a few weeks ago..it was nice to don them again, they make me feel really glam - even in jeans! My hair is rolled up all over at the moment, photos forth coming of course. I'm gonna be working on my blog soon, I'd like to make it easier for you all to find tutorials/pictorials and I think a page dedicated to that should suffice. Sooooo...it's in the works. :)

~Til then!

Couldn't leave without posting a dorky photo..I think we all should all post one every now and again.  ;)

~The Retro Natural