All About Vaudeville

I love looking at Vaudeville photos. They tend to capture movement, great costumes and really great hair and makeup! Vaudeville came about in France and it was an entertainment comedy show about the trials and tribulations of life at the time. I feel as though we try to put on airs when it comes to entertainment nowadays but I suppose that's because we've become a society that greatly values escapism?

Here are a few photos I found via Google images. Aren't they great? I'm sure we had some amazing entertainers in the past....such a shame. Not to say there aren't great entertainers out in the world but they aren't in the spotlight much. We all know why that is so we'll just keep it moving. True talent doesn't sell as often in this world unfortunately. Looks and marketability matter more. Such is life though. I guess this is why I marvel at our entertainers of yesteryear so much and why I'd rather look at a million photos from the past than the airbrushed ones from last week. Oh and of course the clothes and hair have something to do with it ;)


All Photos found via Google Images


Desiree said...

It's been ages since I've had the time to really check blogs and I've missed it, especially yours. I love the flats featured in the first photo. Note to self: buy some for the spring!

Diva said...

Great images. I love vaudeville or more precisely music-hall!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Desiree, I know right? I forgot about spring time flats too, definitely need a few pairs!

@ Diva, I wish we had this kind of entertainment today, I really would have liked to experience it live!