All Things Natural Hair Care Seminar

Hey Lovies,

I should have posted this last week, but a last, I have failed you. Not truly...just being a bit dramatic! Anywho, there's a great educational hair care seminar happening on February 18th. It's being put on by Mahogany Hair Revolution (a lovely salon whether you're natural or not) and I did a giveaway on YouTube (congrats to Karma and Kyma!) and I wanted to just post the details for the Los Angeles folks who want to learn more about haircare and the problems we all face from experts. At this event we'll learn about scalp issues, hair loss, growing longer, healthier hair and a bit about being a product junkie and how to overcome it. I'm excited because although I can do my own hair pretty well, I'm a bit ignorant to issues of the hair such as why we get dandruff or the type of hair loss we can experience. I'm ready to learn! A warm fuzzy shout out to Nicole Harmon of Hair Liberty and Dr. Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution for allowing me to offer tickets to my subscribers and attend the seminar. Check out the details of the seminar below.

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Hope to see some of ya there!

~The Retro Natural


Lather Adian said...
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Elegant Granny said...

Wish I lived close by. We don't have anything like this in Virginia.

kristalmaico said...

I like to attend this kinds of seminar. Beautiful hair accentuates your overall personality and makes you look more beautiful.

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Kelan Willis said...
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The Retro Natural said...

@ Elegant Granny, you may have to start your own group to get the ball rolling, but if you have the time and the energy, I say give it a go and perhaps it can grow over time! :)