Old Things: The 1940s Chest

By now you're probably quite aware that I really like old things, they're full of stories and I enjoy thinking about their uses, who had them in their possession and where they came from. I try not to think about the fact that a family pet may have perhaps peed on them at one point in time or another. I try to shrug that part off. Here's a very old chest from 1940 that belongs to my sweetheart (who also loves old things) and is now filled with seasonal clothing that shouldn't be worn at the moment. I'm focusing on the details, the details! Why? Because an old chest looks like a simple box but when you see the details, it becomes much more interesting...and I'll admit that I'm a fan of macro-esque photography.  Close up shots of bees are just amazing!

~The Retro Natural


Erika said...

'Jumpin' Jive' Looking at these images, I swear I could smell the spicy mustiness often attributed to old things. I like though. I've been in this 1940's fantasy land marked by an increase in watching race films from the era.

Desiree said...

I've been searching for a great trunk just like this one to put at the foot of my bed in my new place. For holding sheets, towels, etc. I love those old steamer trunks. I'm a little bit jealous of your find.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Erika, I've wanted to get a few old films and just have a movie date with myself. You're so right, it's totally a fantasy land for me too :D

@ Desiree, that's a great use for it, I like it at the foot of a bed too..but it would be awkward for walking lol don't fret, keep those eyes open and be sure to get to the local flea markets as often as ya can!