Swallow Birds Inspiration

I watched Aimee and Jaguar (an old film about a Jewish woman who falls in love with a German woman in 1940s Berlin - it's really a good film!) maybe a month  or so ago and I had to capture a shot of an adorable vintage look that I'd like to recreate. The swallow bird designs that you see in tattoo shops and on sweaters have that classic look with a burst of color. If you want something more simple and demure, black and white is the way to go. I found the patches below from Ebay and now I just have to find the right cardigan or sweater to iron them on.

I'll let ya know how it turns out! I still have other patches I need to put on...something. Maybe the pockets of some high waist jeans or some more cardigans like I did with my pink flamingo! I've got peppermints, a milkshake, cherries, more cherries.. I've got some serious crafting to do!

~The Retro Natural

Running the Long Beach Marathon

Ok, so I didn't actually run it - who would run a marathon in pink jean capris and green chucks? A few weeks back, my sweetheart ran it, a full 26 mile marathon! I was so proud, I ran with her towards the finish line......until they announced that only runners could cross the line! Ooooops HA!  Me and my homemade sign scurried off to the left and lost her and then eventually found her. It was fun but oh my, runners looked like they were in utter pain!
Congrats to them all!

I'll do a 5k (only one I've done ever!) but no 26 miles for me..no ma'am! Ever run a marathon before? If so, I'm glad you lived through it!

~The Retro Natural

Red and Black

What is is about the ever so cool and bad ass red and black color combination? I think it's romantic and dark at the same time. Add some beading and lipstick and I'm a happy camper!

 Simple bun and side roll but this time with a red bow and pearl beaded snood. 
I've finally wore it out..it DID snag on my hair but it didn't do much
damage - thank goodness for a thick head of hair!
During busy workdays, I sometimes fail to get the whole outfit..
but I'll post up some detail shots in the next post :) 

~The Retro Natural

Sailor Girl

I found this vintage sailor style top recently (and failed to get the red one - but I'm going back!) and couldn't be more smitten wearing it out.  Paired it with a white hat with a little lace detailing just for that extra dash of girlie-ness. I failed to capture my denim pants but they're wide legged medium blue jeans. I wore blue/white stripped espadrilles but I didn't drive in them so they were in the car at the time. The hat is from a local Good Will, it may be a bit snug because my head ached a bit later in the day. I hate that!

I paired it with a skinny cincher style belt to make it look a bit more feminine. 
Side note: How bold is this red photo border? Got a lil heavy handed there ;)

It's polyester which means sweating in this kinda sucks! 
But it's great for cooler days and it's very sturdy for a top sewn by hand!

This is more of a Spring/Summer look...but then again, I'm in Southern California, I'm sure I'll get to break it out sooner than next Spring. It's totally a happy outfit..you know the ones you feel great walking around on the town in? Yep, that one ma'am! I love it when that happens!

~The Retro Natural