Back in the Garden!

Me and the misses are planting our sprouted veggies at home in our urban garden and it's lovely out! Super sunny, expect extreme squinting. What a nice combo though, right? We've got spinach, sugar snap peas, black seeded lettuce and yellow squash. They're doing really well and we can't wait to sample them! Is it just us or are baby plants just as adorable as baby animals??

Anyone else planting? What's the easiest thing you've grown?

Til next time!

~The Retro Natural

Almost up and Running!

Summery days are ahead...woo hoo!

And that's not the only nice news, my home pc is almost up! I just have to get it connected to the internet..woo hoo! I plan to post a bit more often..perhaps doing a hair tutorial a bit more often if I can continue to find ones that really inspire me or come up with some on my own.

I'm also working on another page for this site that'll link finished hair styles to their video tutorial. I thought that would be genius because that way, you don't have to look through the whole blog for a tut. Go me!

Soon lovies, reeeeal soon!

~The Retro Natural

The Most Peaceful Lunch Spot

I read a post by Lucy Mae some time ago begging the question, where do you eat lunch while at work? For me, the duck pond at my job is one of the most tranquil spots to have lunch at. It's scenic, (usually) quiet and the shrubs and water features are just so calming!

I call it the duck pond because a duck couple has pretty much claimed the the location as their castle. They do share it with the crows and seagulls though. They're pretty used to us humans too. They walk or waddle over to me often! I come out here to clear my head and get some air. Some people smoke out here and that can kill the scenic feel but otherwise it's a lovely little spot. It really has a pseudo feng shui feel to it. Very earthy, lots of shrubs and greenery, rocks, streams and waterfalls here and there. It's the best work lunch spot ever!

Do you take lunch anywhere nice?

~The Retro Natural

More Photo Sharing

Hey lovies! I'm proud to announce that I'll be sharing more photos with you all because I've finally got a smarty pants phone and some fun apps including blogger and instagram! So even if I can't post a detailed blog entry, I can at least share a photo of something retro and fabulous :)

Here's a few to get the ball rolling!

1. A simple protective style with a retro scarf.

2. My beloved vintage lamp.

3. Vintage peep toe wedges from Ms. Vanessa of Sweet Leigh!

In other news, if you follow me on twitter, you mighta noticed that keeping up with the sites I manage has been a bit difficult for me. I'm seeing that I'm going to put some thongs on hold. I can't dedicate enough time to videos, I've been trying but I'm still lagging! So I'm gonna remain neutral about it. I won't close my channel or anything but I can't feel compiled to post if it just can't happen organically. So there ya have it. Nice to kinda get that off my chest. I'm gonna do what's easiest for me at the moment. As for the rest, que sera, sera! It's Spring time, so I'm alright with trying something new.

~The Retro Natural