The Most Peaceful Lunch Spot

I read a post by Lucy Mae some time ago begging the question, where do you eat lunch while at work? For me, the duck pond at my job is one of the most tranquil spots to have lunch at. It's scenic, (usually) quiet and the shrubs and water features are just so calming!

I call it the duck pond because a duck couple has pretty much claimed the the location as their castle. They do share it with the crows and seagulls though. They're pretty used to us humans too. They walk or waddle over to me often! I come out here to clear my head and get some air. Some people smoke out here and that can kill the scenic feel but otherwise it's a lovely little spot. It really has a pseudo feng shui feel to it. Very earthy, lots of shrubs and greenery, rocks, streams and waterfalls here and there. It's the best work lunch spot ever!

Do you take lunch anywhere nice?

~The Retro Natural


Britt said...

Omg... I would KILL to have a spot like that near my job to eat lunch and reflect.
I always feel most at peace by water.
I usually just end up eating at my desk while grading papers, or in the teachers' lounge on a white couch the 1990s vomited up. Not very picturesque.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Wow! That is such a beautiful lunch spot! My lunch spot is usually my kitchen table - boring! ;)

aanchalsharma said...

Amazing, that's great lunch spot.

The Retro Natural said...

@ brittany, My last gig was similar, just a break area and nothing serene in sight.. I feel your pain!

@ Dolly, ya know, I used to drive home for lunch when I lived 10 minutes away, I loved it cause I had all my seasonings to choose from lol but the pond is a nice change even though I eat at my desk too when feelin' a bit lazy!

@aanchAlsharma, thank you! The architects did a great job :)