The Gibson Roll

The Gibson Roll is a type of roll that is done on a large section of hair, typically the back portion of hair. I've seen the Gibson Roll done with a hair rat or it's faux equivalent and with scarves - no surprise I found the video on YouTube.  I don't know where I found this piece of foam but it fit the shape I needed for my experiment and although my hair was a bit fluffy, it worked out nicely.  Just a little side note:  for those of your who aren't familiar with a twist out, it's a popular hair style worn by women with naturally curly hair, more than likely, African American women with natural hair.  Okay, on with our regularly scheduled program ;)

The Gibson Roll is another option you can choose when pinning up the back of your hair.  To start, I positioned the foam tube in the center of my hair and rolled upward, towards the crown of my head until I couldn't roll anymore.

Next, I tuck any loose hairs near my ears over the foam tube before pinning each side with jumbo bobby pins to secure.

That's about it. You have various options for the front so have fun and have at it! This is also a great style to do with if you're in a hurry or if you just prefer something more simplistic.  I hope you enjoy it!

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

This looks lovely!! I am yet to foam tube!
Thanks for sharing sis!

Nefertiti said...

I've always loved this style, but never knew that's what it's called. Thanks!

BodyRevolution said...

Love your hair, love your skin, love your style!! You are fabulous!!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, go to Sally's and get the donut and cut it in the middle and roll it up in a nylon or hair net, it's super cheap and it works really well!

@Nefertiti, me neither, I was like what is this roll thingie??? Then I noticed 'Gibson' after I did a search and had that Ah ha moment lol

@ThoseFabCurlyGirls, aw thank you, you're too sweet! :)

LoveNWright said...

This looks greats, simple and classic! I'd really love to see you rock the Victory Rolls!

Kay @LoveNWright

Jc said...

Hi! I love this look. I am currently making a natural hair magazine and I would love to feature this as a how to.

I cannot see how to email you on the blog so I will leave you with my address (

Ohima said...

I love you BLOG!!!!! :) very different and Fun!

Paris Galai said...

I tried to do this tyle but my hair was puffy in front. Could you do a video if how you did this just so that I can see where I went wrong. Thank you