The Faux Bang

My inner Bettie Page comes out whenever I wear my faux bang.  It's kinda big, kinda dramatic and perhaps a bit of an ostentatious hair style.  It's perfect to wear out on the town at night or perhaps in the sun with parasol in hand - you didn't think you were gonna wear a cute over sized straw hat with this signature style did you? Oh for shame! ;)

Side note: When my hair doesn't set properly, it just gets curly.  But instead of getting mad, I just make lemonade!  This is my bad hair day.


The not so bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Retro Natural.

I normally set my front bang area on a flexi rod roller bent in half.  I don't want a small barrel shape, I want it large and smooth so I use my oh so loved concoction of leave in conditioner and coconut oil before smoothing it out with a brush and putting on the roller.  Give it a try!


~ The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

Lovely sis!!

Renise B said...

You're hair always comes out great! I love it and I've been practicing!

Charish Halliburton said...

This is freakin' fantastic! I did this once at the bar I used to work at. I had the banging curled fringe out and the rest of my hair tied up in a "I Love Lucy" style bandanna. Can I tell you that the men would not stop hollaring at me.

Natural hair is definitely sexy. Especially the styles you've come up with.

The Retro Natural said...

Thanks Funbi and Renise!

@ Charis, I KNOW they were all on you, I get a lot of attention when my hair is big and when I have it in the faux bang. It's a great conversation piece too! Thanks for the love!

Imogen said...

Hello There,

I love your blog! Especially being a Brown skinned, curly-haired retro girl myself! I love your fashion sense and your looks!

I do want to make one suggestion: I think you should play up your EYES more! You have large, lovely, elegant eyes which would really pop with some (thicker?) liquid liner, and artfully retro eyeshadow!

I hope I don't come off as mean or rude, it's just that you have such lovely features it seems that you should play them up. Also, having elegant features with a long face, playing up your lovely eyes would really help accentuate your beauty <3 I hope you'll take my advice and post a picture soon Gorgeous!

Your Parisian Friend <3

The Retro Natural said...

Hi Imogen!

I don't take offense at all, instead I say thank you for the kind words and compliments! I've strayed away from heavier eyes because I thought I would look a bit too done up or even worse - clownish!, but perhaps it can be done in a nice, balanced but POW kinda way? :) I thought my liner was too thick yesterday but surprisingly, it didn't look so drastic once I stepped away from the mirror and out into the world. I'll definitely take your advice and go for it more often and of course I'll show you all here! Hello to my Parisian retro gals! I cannot wait to come and visit next year! =)