Retro Gardening

A couple of weeks ago, I engaged in some random gardening after returning from someplace I can't remember.  It' tough work! It looks like fun and it can be (oh can it be fun!) but after about 20 minutes of pulling up weeds and whatnot, you're just ready to sit down and have some lemonade.  If I had planned to garden, I wouldn't have put on this outfit but it happened ...organically, if you will. Don't the best things happen organically? My hair's in a lop sided faux bang (why does it do that?!) and the rest of my hair was nicer when I first went out but after a little while, it got a bit disheveled (pic 2).

Anywho, it was bright out that day which was nice.

cardigan/Free People via Goodwill, pseudo capris/Goodwill, faux suede mary janes/Payless, gloves/Home Depot!

Catch ya on the flip side! 

~The Retro Natural


Kai said...


Unknown said...

love ur hair! you inspire me to try some pin up inspired styles!

Unknown said...

love ur hair! you inspire me to try some pin up inspired styles!

Funbi said...

Ha! Love this post!! Your hair is gorgeous and your outfit is great! I do agree with Kai, I am loving the coral pants...being a secret fan of coral myself ;)
Keep it up sis!

Anonymous said...

I love your look, Autumn!! The jeans are right on point.. i just recently bought a pair of red "pedal pusher" high waisted type of jeans & they dasrn near cut my circulation off., but they were dope! great looks, I enjoy your blog.


The Retro Natural said...

Thanks for the nice words gals!

@ Kai, thanks! These are my new fav casual summer jeans!

@ Sewing Stardom, if you do, please let me know, I'd love to see it!

@ Funbi, I didn't realize how much I dig coral, I liked it but I really need more in my wardrobe now..especially for summer!

@ Kat, thank ya! oooh I must see these pedal pushers, they sound so cute! But don't die on me now lol breathe!

Mina said...

If only we all could look this fabulous gardening!