My Birthday Suit

(um this was suppose to post on my birthday, last Wednesday- auto post hasn't been working at all on my end. hmph!)

Yes my birthday suit. No not that one.  A vintage-inspired one, if you will!  I'm quite alright with doing a tasteful nude photo shoot but not today my dearies :P

Today marks the day I was gently placed into the world.  I'll be celebrating the entire month because I love the scenery/weather during the month of May and I love the energy of Venus.  Beautiful flowers, yes!  Rich food, absolutely!  Lounging around in vintage slips, but of course!  Just a few things that encompass the Taurus/Venusian energy :) Here's my "birthday suit"!

White cotton top/some thrift shop, belt/Goodwill, houndstooth full circle skirt/Buffalo Exchange, red/white polka dot wedges/Payless, sunglasses/flea market, bracelets/I can't remember!

I've been thoroughly enjoying my day so far and though I'm working today, I'll be off Friday to celebrate even more.  I'll show ya a few of the goodies I've received on the weekend.  Because I know you're all really sweet folks, I'm gonna thank you in advance for the well wishes :)

~The Retro Natural


Mikkimu said...

You look stunning! Love the shoes (#shoefreak).

The Retro Natural said...

Thank you Mikimu! Payless has been having a lot of cute shoes lately.. I need a shoe shopping spree pronto! :)

Funbi said...

Happy birthday sis!! You look gorgeous!

The Retro Natural said...

Thank you Mikimi and Funbi! :)

Kristian said...

Wow! Loving this retro inspired look