Black & Gold Embroidery

I like circle skirts, they're so simple and yet so elegant. This one I found at a Goodwill isn't vintage but the embroidery was so pretty, I had to get it.  I feel like it may be a costume piece. I don't mind that though..maybe if it were red, white and blue - I think I'm alright with black, gold and yellow.

My head got cut off twice so I said forget it, but I promise, it's me!

I wore this vintage cuff, I forget what thrift store I got this from but it was in Riverside. I've found amazing things at the shops in the IE!

~The Retro Natural


MoiVal88 said...

No u did not get that skirt from goodwill... ur kidding me right?! I like... I like...

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Hello! Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, and I'm really glad you like my hair ties too!
You now have a new follower, will look forward to seeing more of your vintage finds!
Clare :)

MsXpat said...

Beautiful skirt! Lovely colour I'm a big fan of embroided skirts

The Retro Natural said...

@ Valerie, yes! can you believe it? I grabbed it soon as I saw it hahah

@ DollyCool, you're very welcome, I got it the other day and it's oh so fab! Can't wait to do a post on it and link folks to your lovely little site! Thank you for following me, hope you enjoy! :)

@MsXpat, thank you, me too, I feel like I should have more in my closet, gotta fix that one of these days ;D