Random Snapshots I

Some views of things around that sometimes don't get posted because they're just sitting in a folder somewhere.

 Some other DIY bows I made, I need to practice though..they're so so.

 Me getting a free hug at Long Beach's Pride.  It was BRIGHT outside!

I normally fry my plantains or put them in a shake but these were baked with cinnamon and agave!

A vintage (brass I believe) compact and a very small, gold hand purse from a work dinner.

The menu (all vegan!) from Green Leaves in West Hollywood.

 Sleeping ducks near the pond at my job.

Just a snapshot of the color combo, I really like royal blue/silver/black! 

 Rockabilly band (w/ Vicky Tafoya) that performed at Pride. LOVE her hair!

This is a fun, cool idea because I get to put out photos that don't necessarily have a specific purpose. Maybe I'll do these once a month or so :)

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

Oh my!! I am def loving those bows!! A few tips will be much appreciated ;) Mmmh plantain...I love that stuff but normally eat it fried or grilled but these look absolutely yum yummy! Love the color combo too! MOre pics pls :)


SWriter said...

you're inspiring. it's so refreshing to find people who know their style.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Funbi, once I had fried plantains, I was hooked!

@ Sandra, why thank you! I'm happy to inspire others, so many have inspired me! :)