Red Riding Hood & a Le Salon des Naturelles Giveaway!

Hello lovies!

Just showing ya the hair. I've been parting my hair down the middle here and there and it's a nice change from the side part - my default! I used the flexi rollers here in the same way that I did with the 30s inspired waves tutorial. I like this set a lot! It was a bit windy and it sprinkled a bit in the morning so I put on a scarf. There's quite a bit of red going on here! I'm wondering why I don't seem to have a blouse on in the last two photos, surely I do but I suppose I took it off to get out some wrinkles.. who knows? :)

..annnnnnnnd there's a book giveaway going on over at Le Salon des Naturelles. The lovely Evelyn is giving away The Science of Hair. Check out the post by clicking here and enter, all you gotta do is pick a number 1-50 or 51-100. I think I'm gonna enter myself!  :)  She also did a feature on me earlier this month, check it out and thanks again Evelyn for featuring me, I'm always appreciative of lil virtual spotlight love! ;D

Edited to add: Oops, I did miss a requirement for the contest, you did have to follow the blog prior to choosing a number. Thanks for the reminder Charish! :)

~The Retro Natural


Evelyn said...

Thanks Autumn!!! Btw, diggin the Red Riding Hood look;)


The Retro Natural said...

@ Evelyn, not bad eh? I think I've found my Halloween backup costume lol!

Christielove said...

How pretty are you!!

The Retro Natural said...

aw why thank you Christie! :)