A Fine Hair Day

Just wanted to show ya the mop. A fine hair day was had a few days back. I'm in need of a good restocking as it pertains to hair product though. I'll share some thoughts soon on newer products I tried that were average. I'll be going back to my usual Giovanni Leave in and coconut oil. It's kinda cool to try new products but kinda not when they're so-so.

 Making its debut is my oh so loved tan polka dot sweater. There have been a few stitches that came loose in the shoulder/neck area. Keeping it on a hook rather than a hanger isn't such a good idea either but it's still a favorite. 
I'll get around to fixing it some day!


Unknown said...

I love your hair accessory.Where did you get it?

penn2pal said...

I love your hair styles.... would you consider doing a tutorial on this on. Are those braids/twist? Thank you in advance.

Funbi said...

Gorgeous sis!! The sweater's very pretty!


The Retro Natural said...

@ Lilian, I actually made this, it's just a hair flower glued onto a plastic comb. I glued the rhinestones on since they were collecting dust, thanks!

@ Penn2pal, thank you! they're just rolls really. I've done a tutorial on this style, check it out here:

@ Funbi, thanks miss lady!