Thanksgiving Snapshots

So here are a few snapshots from Thanksgiving, I didn't do that much over the weekend but it was really mellow and really fun!

- I decided to try pseudo victory rolls..they're really not but tomato/tomahto ;)

- I played with Snuffles, my mom's dog who's often referred to as my brother, my mom is so in love with this doggie, it's adorable! I didn't want him flashing the masses so I pasted on a ..doggie pasty(?) to make it a bit more appropriate. He wore a t shirt but no pants. Oh for shame, mom!

- My baby sister made vegan lasagna for me and the mrs. It was ah-mazing!

- Me and the mrs. went to an old school arcade, complete with a vintage carousel! It's officially going to be a monthly thing, did I tell you, I'm a big kid? I wasn't in retro attire and my hair was such a bird's nest but sometimes, on certain lazy, weekend days, you just don't care and that's perfectly alright!

Hope you enjoyed! 
~The Retro Natural


Gabriella said...

I am loving those faux rolls. Extra cute!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Gabriella thanks! I don't attempt them often, it's tricky with curly hair, I like the term faux roll, I gotta use that! I love that you sew! I'm learning slowly hehe, totally subscribing!