Hand Colored Photos

Hello Lovies!

I'll have a few photo snapshots from the oh-so-fun drag and burlesque performances I did for BENT soon (and I may post a snippet from my numbers as well!) but one thing is for sure, I absolutely love performing burlesque and I'm totally going back for more ;)  ..in the mean time, who knew that coloring photos by hand was a trend back in the old days? I thought it was a special developing sort of thing. Either way, I love it ...perhaps even more since it's DIY!

Check out this post over at 16 Stone Vintage on hand colored photographs


~The Retro Natural


Anonymous said...

Are any of your Burlesque performances on the web? I bet your outfits are awesome! Great post.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Kim, I still have to edit the video but I do plan to post a little snippet! My outfit was pretty simple but I adored it! =)