Retro Natural won a Contest!

A little while ago, I was delightfully pleased to find that I won a pair of Pretty Polly stockings from Peek Brooklyn. Seamed stockings at that! Woo hoo! Look ma' - no hands!

Thank you to Desiree of Pop-O-Matic Deluxe for offering the contest, I didn't think I'd actually win, but I've got a new pair of stockings that I cannot wait to wear! If you're not familiar with Desiree's blog, you should definitely take a gander. She finds the coolest vintage decor items and she's got some vintage clothing I'd steal if I were a thief - good thing mom taught me better than that! ;)

Getting my mail!

The grand opening, love their packaging!

Ahhhh, pretttttty! The seams stayed in place pretty well for someone putting on seamed stockings for the first time!

Peek Brooklyn has really cool brands and styles, so do drop by and take a peek, pun absolutely intended! I'm loving these Pretty Polly's, they seem sturdy and though very sheer and 10 denier (what's that? read on below!) I didn't feel like I had to be super delicate with them.  Plus the sheerness is quite sassy and the Cuban style heel is oh so cute! Thanks Desiree for offering the contest! I will wear these babies with as many outfits as humanly possible!

Now, education time! 

Do you know about denier as it pertains to stockings? It sounds like duh-neer - at least that's how the online dictionary pronounced it for me. ;)

Here's a little breakdown so you know what to look for when stocking shopping.
  • Ultra-Sheer (less than 10 denier): these stockings will offer you the appearance of bare legs but you'll get the bonus of a little coverage. Be very careful when putting on ultra-sheer stockings, as they are delicate.

  • Sheer (10-20 denier): these stockings are stronger than the ultra-sheer and great for both everyday and evening wear.

  • Semi-opaque (25-35 denier): these will be even stronger than the sheer and will last longer, while still looking quite elegant.

  • Opaque (40 denier plus): these durable and long-lasting stockings are practical for everyday wear and offer added warmth in winter.

Alright, now have fun stocking shopping!  

~The Retro Natural


Desiree said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm really glad you got your stockings and liked them. They're great, aren't they?

The Retro Natural said...

They're awesome! I'm wearing them out soon too, can't wait! :D thanks for offering the giveaway, I wouldn't have these lovelie if it weren't for you!

esme and the laneway said...

Yay for stockings!

Christina said...

Pretty legwear!!!