Rolls Galore

Since many peopl celebrate many different traditions, I'll just say Happy Chrismahanukwanzika to all of ya. Whatever you may be celebrating today, more of that! :) I'm on vacation until January 3rd so I'm feeling as sluggish as ever..supremely sloth-like! I haven't been taking many photos but I forgot about a few i had from the last holiday.

I wore my hair in rolls for Thanksgiving, I pretty much combined my Gibson Roll with some pseudo victory rolls..natural victory rolls...maybe I should coin the term natra-rolls for rolls done on curly/kinky hair?I'll work on a tutorial, I feel psychic, I feel questions inquiring about one coming up very soooooon! haha!

~The Retro Natural


Anonymous said...

How Fab! The flower is a great piece with the red lip.

The Retro Natural said...

thanks! I'm still a little self conscious about wearing my hair straight up because it's super thin on the sides but the flowers help hehe :)