BENT - Holidays are a Drag!

Hello lovies!

Happy to announce that I'll be performing for my second time at BENT 9 - Holidays are a Drag, a gender bender showcase where women perform as men, men perform as women and as well women perform as women and men perform as men...Yes, a bit confusing but that's the point ;)  I'll be performing once again as Marlon Brandingo (I love that name!) and making my burlesque debut as Chi Chi Chambray! I'm really excited to do both but more excited for the burlesque because I've always wanted to perform burlesque. Ah, dream come true!

Check the deeeetails below and join me if you're in the area!  It's a lot of fun and the crowd is great.


Desiree said...

Marlon Brandingo! Now that is clever! Love it. Please post plenty of pictures. Are you making your own costume for the burlesque performance?

The Retro Natural said...

I have more photos from Mr. Marlon's performances I need to get up, they're on an external harddrive but I will be posting those soon :) I was thinking I can sew sequins on some underwear for a costume but I'm gonna see how long that may take me. I'm gonna look in Downtown LA for pieces, I can't wait! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I lived in that area! I've always wanted to see a dual drag show! Maybe Ivey and I will have to take a trip out there.

Britt said...

Omg! I would totally come if I wasn't all the way on the east coast :(
That sounds like such fun. I hope someone catches a few video snippets that you can post. I love burlesque as well, but I don't have the body for it... lol.
Good luck!

Diva said...

Good luck!! Hope you have a great evening!