The Classic Red Lip

Mia wanted me to do a tutorial so this is for you Miss Mia! :) Here's a quick pictorial on how I get my red lip. It's pretty simple, I'm not big on too many steps, I get bored somewhat quickly and start skipping so rather than do 9 steps and then skip 2 or 3, I just have a few steps, moisturize, line, fill in.

Start with moisturizing those lips! I find that when I apply lip liner to bare lips, it doesn't apply as smoothly and my lips are - duh!- super dry.  I'm using Alba Botanica's lip balm - tastes like passion fruit!

Then grab your lip liner. I use Arbonne's lip liner in Cherry.

 I do this half smile when applying the liner so it goes on smoothly. Lips should be taught but not too taught. Don't do a half smile anywhere else though, people will know it's fake!

I fill in my lips because my lipstick seems to last longer. Some people only line the outer what works for ya!

Then I used my raggedy lip brush (not pictured because it's so raggedy) and apply a layer of lip color. My lipstick is Urban Decay's Revolution. I like Arbonne's Bravo a bit better though.   I've been using Urban Decay's lipstick for the last few months and while I like the color a lot, it's a bit too shiny for me. I apply a thin layer so it doesn't shine too much.  I prefer Arbonne's Bravo but it's brighter and usually better suited for Summer or Spring.

That's it! Simple eh?

I usually apply lipstick twice, once in the morning and after I've eaten lunch because most of it comes off and I'm not the least bit concerned with makeup when it's chow time!  Sometimes I'll want to have a fresh set of lips after work especially if I have somewhere to go show them off. Do you have any tips for the red lipstick wearers out there? I'm sure they'll be greatly appreciated!

~The Retro Natural


Unknown said...

You know I'm super uber excited bout this tutorial! Words can not describe how thankful I am to know that the colors I love and adore I can actually wear! Autumn Farmer YOU ROCK !!! Your existence is most infinitely appreciated Madam ....

The Retro Natural said...

Aww thanks Mia! I'm really glad you liked the tutorial! Feel free to request others related to retro style, I'd be happy to post them! :)

Diva said...

Good tutorial! I forget to answer your question about Sweden - I was born in Sweden :) Sweden as the rest of Europe is well worth visiting!

Ari said...

I completely forgot about liner! I've been complaining that my color never stays, I feel so goofy.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Diva, oh how nice! I definitely have Sweden on my list of countries to visit!

@ Ari, I too was once goofy lol..I saw such a dramatic difference when I added on the liner to my's like a godsend from Venus or something ;)