Holiday Time Festivities

I've been having a lot more fun this holiday season than I did last year. I figured I'd post a few snippets from my shenanigans. My hair's not really retro but sometimes it's less about the hair and more about the festivities! Warning: lights, glitter and fun ahead!

Went to a tree trimming hair caught on fire but all was well. Luckily I have tons of hair!  Stay away from votive candles gals! Great party Natasha! :)

 A better view of my crochet holiday fascinator. 

I went to a holiday party and this was my white elephant gift ( I swapped for this one, they're so sparkly!) that I went home with. They're glittery earrings made from a cd!  I'll show a better shot of my fascinator down below.
 A very retro musical Rudolph, his nose even lights up! 

 Somewhat close up shot of my friend's X-mas tree, one of the most unique ones I've seen!

 Retro ornaments are the best!

 I danced and did karaoke at the end of the night...what can I say, my glass of wine overfloweth! Oh and this is a different crochet fascinator, it's mistletoe! I thought it'd go great with the crochet sweater/skirt combo. Again, awesome party Ang 'n Kat!

 Hope you're enjoying your holiday festivities thus far! I'm sure I'll be sharing more snapshots!

~The Retro Natural


Sunny Side-Up said...

Super pretty! I really like the first picture! I'm glad your hair is doing great. lol, your hair is so hot that it had to catch on fiyah!!! (corny I know lol) :D

Merry early Christmas!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Sunny, hahah, just tad but that's alright lol I thank you!