Good Times and Classy Drinks wth Cultural Discussion at the Biltmore

I went to an afro punk meetup where we decided to celebrate the first day of Kwanzaa and we chose a location that had both cultural significance and a beautiful art deco look. The Biltmore was a luxury hotel that Black American's couldn't enter. How nice is it to enter those doors that our relatives from the past couldn't? It's a beautiful atmosphere so I soaked it all in noticing the details and art that seemed to fill up any spaces that normally would've been blank.

My sister came along but I don't like to post photos of people without permission, so sis, if you're reading (waves) let me know if you'd like your mugshot here on my blog! :)

I managed to get a snapshot (albeit is an angry looking one) of my face/hair/makeup. My camera is a bit special and my sis wasn't the best at figuring it out so you'll be presented with a horribly blurry photo of yours truly. It's art!

I loved that all the little things were different..the signage holders are so full of life..most hotels only really have dull, gold easels that hold your signage at hotels. This hotel lobby was so overwhelming, I hardly knew what to take a photo of..I got away with maybe 10 shots or so.. (didn't want to look like a tourist in my own town) and I think I did pretty well considering the crap camera I had.

The drinks were beautiful and really good. I had a 1920s Dream, a very girly drink of pineapple and orange juice with vodka I think.  There was also a drink called The Black Dahlia, named after Elizabeth Short who was last seen alive at the Gallery Bar (where we were) before she was murdered. Interesting facts and conversations and drinks.  The holiday lights added a nice warmness to the rooms. Hope you're enjoying the end of the year!

~The Retro Natural


Beth said...

Lovely hotel and lovely you! I had no idea that the Biltmore Hotel was closed to African-Americans. I'm so glad that times have changed!

Kai said...

Lovesssssssss the outfit mamas!! Sounds like you had a good time!

Rasp Davy said...
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The Retro Natural said...

@ Beth, I wasn't aware either, It boggles my mind that I wouldn't have been able to step inside during a past era. While there's still a lot of issues for minority groups, I have to agree, I'm happy that aspect is no longer an issue for us!

@ Kai, why thank you! Black is like the new amazing for me lol :)