The Weekend - Chilly, Mellow Days

I'm normally missing in action over the weekend..resting it up and trying to have a bit of fun. But I thought I'd start a series on weekend snapshots to share. These will just be a little photo re-cap of various activities (or lack thereof like in this first series from the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend! Plus I forgot to bring the camera with me so no Thanksgiving shots just yet!)

 Ate a whole pomegranate in one sitting.  It was amazing!

Used my new tea crochet doily so I don't make anymore water stains on the wooden tables.

It rained for a little while so I kinda sat around, lazily I might add. Felt great!

Cozy, fuzzy socks and house slippers all day - don't judge me - we have tile flooring, it's freezing!

~The Retro Natural

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Dani said...

WHERE in the WORLD did you find that gorgeous teapot?!?! and the doily is a great idea!