Getting Crafty

So whilst on my vacay, I got my arts & crafts on and felt thoroughly accomplished after measuring and sewing and folding and gluing. These are the fun things I came up with when I wasn't sniffling like a sick puppy.

Bows galore! There are great tutorials out there for bow making. Wanna make the black dropped tail bow? click here!  Wanna make the double layer olive green bow? Watch this video and make one smaller to stack on the larger one.

Bows and compacts and my still unfinished bathroom door.

The red and black bow was a DIY project from left over ribbon.  I'm going to enjoy wearing these. Next project I'd like to get into will be 30s style crochet cloches..I've tried before and it didn't quite work out. With a bit of dedication, I'm sure I can make it - eventually.

I was inspired by a post from DC Metro Retro's blog (scroll down until you see her adorable bobby pin tin - I made one of those too!) and made a few Dorothy Dandridge revamped compact mirrors. All you need are photos printed on paper, glue and clear nail polish! It's pretty simple!

Have you been crafting lately? What have you made?

~The Retro Natural


Funbi said...

These are so lovely!! I will have to try them. I also love crafts! I recently made an ankara srunchie :) Thank you for sharing sis!


The Retro Natural said...

thanks! Oooh srunchies! I haven't worn a scrunchie since the 90s but I bet your was way more pretty than the neon ones I wore lol :D

Desiree said...

Definitely getting on this. I need hair bows to help me with this growing out business.

The Retro Natural said...

@ Desiree, they totally help with the grow out phase! I was crazy about flowers and bows during that time, they saved my hair and eased my mind lol :)