40s Retro Updo!

I stumbled on this super darling tutorial by Angelique (ThePinupNoire-YouTubers, be sure to subscribe!) and had to share it. I never saw a hair rat with a metal rod in the center before (which helps keep your faux bang in place!) but I decided to take the metal rod out of one of the flexi rod rollers I have and put it in my homemade hair rat. It works quite well!

Enjoy the video and a warm thank you to Angelique for posting this, the more tutorials for the curly, retro lovers, the better!

This is one of the easiest retro styles to do and you don't have to set your hair. You can start with a twist out :)

~The Retro Natural


Diva said...

If I could only understand how to make and put a YouTube video I would! We need all the tutorials we can find! :) happy you liked my hat!

The Retro Natural said...

I don't have good video editing software at the moment and I'm in desperate need of a new PC but Windows movie maker is one of the easier ones to use! and your hat is the bee's knees!