The Vacay and Ponderings

So I'm back from a little vacation time, 5 days worth...though I'm hesitant to use the word vacation because it didn't truly feel like it..I got sick on Thursday evening (my first day off) and fought off the sniffles by Saturday. Way to go immune system! I did get to piddle paddle around with arts and crafts so that resulted in more bows for my hair and decorated compacts with my favorite vintage, Black American bombshells on them..hello Ms. Dandridge!  Sunday was pretty mellow and Monday was a day of getting a tired repaired, another one replaced, and various oil leaks fixed at the mechanics.

I was going to post this graphic to let you all know I'd be away but I didn't get quite get there.

(Didn't get to go hiking, nor make any hats or try new styles, hmph lol)

I officially started back at work Tuesday and now it's back to the same schedule. I'm noticing on other blogs that people take little hiatuses and some even shut down their blog due to losing the desire to write, being busy with work/school/life, and other things that take up more time. I've been thinking about this moreso in relation to my YouTube channel. (note: I haven't posted a video in months!) It was easier for me to shoot, edit and post videos when I only drove a total daily distance of 6 miles but now that my daily commute is 46 miles...I don't have time nor do I want to work on anything that has to do with a pc after being on one all day and then driving an hour to get home. I also don't have my home pc set up because I can't find a certain cord and the laptop isn't very reliable with its shutting down of software at any given moment.  I've tried to make time here and there but it's really not working and I'm okay with that. I'm sure the subscribers probably aren't but this here life is about that trumps everything else but you knew that, right? ;) So I'm not going to stress about not focusing on my channel, I'll do videos sporadically and that will be that.

What am I really trying to say here? I'm tired but I enjoy posting blog entires/videos but I'm tired - make sense? I'm sure you've been there too.  I'm not sure exactly what the future holds as far as sustaining a channel, a blog, whatever other accounts I may have but I do know there are too many avenues that seem to grab at you on the internet. So many forums, social sites, blogs,  etc...I'd post more if I had more time but posting photos in a blog and a few lines is the easiest for me so I'm gonna stick to that until I get more time on my hands or I lose interest.  Re-reading this post...reminds me of burnout a bit..oh no, we can't have that. I think I initially try to do it all and I've decided I don't want to anymore and that's perfectly okay. A wise person once told me, "You don't have to be the best, you can simply be good enough." I think I'll put that on a coffee mug. Here's to squashing any burn our you may be suffering from. :)

~The Retro Natural


Unknown said...

I totally hear you. Its perfectly fine when things don't always turn out the way you want to due to various reasons. It's part of life. things change; therefore, plans change as well :o)

Funbi said...

I understand how you feel sis!! You cannot over work yourself. Take time for you and when you get time to do the other stuff, then do them. I will personally miss your posts but I'm okay with you doing them only when you get the time, as long as you let us know you are doing alright once in a while! :)
God bless


The Retro Natural said...

@ Lilia, thanks, it can be tough sometimes! I'm trying to just go with the flow :)

@ Funbi, thanks for the wise words, I think we all need to hear that sometimes! I plan to post blog posts more than videos because its easier..luckily I have many ideas for posts, just don't always get to 'em lol :) but I'm feeling a lot better after just making the decision!