Summer Retro Gardening

Hello Lovies!

My little make shift garden has been updated and I figured I'd give you an update! No need for unnecessary words, let's get to the good stuff!

 Showing off my $1 watering pitcher, it's an electric teal blue color!

Watering the jasmine bush. It smells nice now but it
smells really nice in the spring time. My bar fight scar is showing..kidding,
I've never been in a bar fight before, but you knew that!

The tomato plant we got from Costco on a whim sprouted one
little cherry tomato so far, the direct heat isn't helping so we have 
an umbrella covering it.  Thanks to that, it'll actually bear fruit now!

  These are some other tomatoes that my beloved picked, they started growing wildly in the back of the house one day and they're the most delicious tomatoes I've ever had. I hated raw tomatoes before tasting fresh,
home grown them now!

This little sweetheart started growing on its own. It's lemon mint! I  have no idea how it actually grew, my best guess is that the lemon mint clippings I got from the Farmer's Market somehow ended up in the soil. Nevertheless, it's growing like a champ and it tastes nice. Smells...well ...lemon-esque :)  (I'm trying to grow another tomato plant in the tiny pot to the left with seeds from a tomato, how adorable, right?)

Do you grow anything? How's it coming along during these months?

~The Retro Natural


Unknown said...

I would love to begin gardening, but I haven't made the time to do so. Nor do I have a garden...(excuses, I know):o)

Funbi said...

This looks great sis!! And you look gorgeous as usual! I would love to own my own plants and start planting too but I do not have a garden but I guess pots are fact I have been eyeing aloe vera plants at my local store!! I really would love to get one soon!


hope505 said...

love that dress!!! Those graduated dots are so cool!
* = )

Britt said...

I wish I could garden, but I kill everything! :(
Regardless, you look so cute!

Evelyn said...

Just potted sunflowers for now. When we move into a house that we buy instead of rent I am going to have an amazing garden!

Erika said...

Seeing this made me miss my home in the US. My summer garden had watermelons, cantaloupes, zucchini, yellow crook neck squash, bell peppers, cayenne, cucumbers, ichiban eggplant, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, and nasturtium (the flowers are edible--and those of the zucchini as well).

My herbs were oregano, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary... I miss the taste of vine and tree ripened food.

I miss the rewards of gardening besides it was amazingly cathartic.

BCopher said...

Awesome garden. I have houseplants that are thriving and have been trying to grow wheatgrass but it's failed miserably! My sister grows a few varieties of tomatoes, basil, rosemary, etc. My NYC apt is limited on space but I still make it happen.
Your dress is uber adorable!

Limo Hire said...

I love to gardening. Very nice dress.

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milingmai said...

ha, with your genuine elegance you manage to even make an ikea item look very special. love your hair!

The Retro Natural said...

@ Lilia, you can always start small, I started with just a basil plant from the store, it's overwhelming at first lol but it gets easier as you go along :)

@ Funbi, Pots have been surprisingly easy for me..I think I would have had a hard time going straight to a soil/ground garden. It's been a while though and I think I'm ready now!

@ Hope505, thanks! I found this one at a local Good will, one of my favorite summer dresses now!

@ CurlyB, I somehow killed my first basil plant but don't give up! one of the more easier ones is tomatoes in my opinion :) as long as you allow proper drainage at the bottom and don't water too much you should be golden!

@ Evylen, sunflowers! I'd love to grow some of those..let me know how easy (or not!) they are :)

@ BlackBetty, I've never tried wheatgrass but I think it'd be interesting.I wonder what climate it works best in.

@ Erika, holy cow, you had an enchanted garden there! That's my goal, to grow the things I want to eat on a daily basis and only go out for grains and spices and the occasional junk food ;)

@ LimoHire, thank you!

@ Milingmai, why thank you! I always like to think any gal can look regal even with a $2 dollar dress - or $1 dollar watering pot! ;D

MrsWardy88 said...

I adore this post. I love your style, and I want some tomatoes. :)

India @